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When does the Open Beta for Amazon's New World MMO actually start?

Amazon's New World is an upcoming MMO that everyone's talking about. It's going to have an initial payment - unlike other MMO titles out there - but that means it's ditching the monthly subscription method a lot of these games employ. Is this the key to success? Here's when you can try it out and make your own judgements.

When does the New World Open Beta start?

The Open Beta for Amazon's New World is due to start in just over a week's time. You should be able to jump in from September 9th - the Open Beta itself is due to last the weekend and end on September 12th.

Talking specifically, here's the exact time the Open Beta should start and when it should finish:

  • Open Beta Start Time
    • 07:00 September 9th - PST
    • 10:00 September 9th - EST
    • 15:00 September 9th - BST
  • Open Beta Finish Time
    • 23:59 September 12th - PST
    • 02:59 September 13th - EST
    • 07:59 September 13th - BST
" [The] Open Beta is an important test for our server infrastructure and will feature a higher server capacity than the Closed Beta, but will not represent the full server capacity available at launch. Players may experience queue times during the Open Beta test."
New World Open Beta Start
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FIGHT FOR A NEW WORLD - Chart your course... And your fate.

Progression isn't going to be carrying on from the Open Beta to Launch - so, make sure you're out there having fun. There's no point in grinding for anything!


How to access the Open Beta?

The Open Beta is going to be a completely separate client to New World's Closed Beta, for starters. If you want to jump into New World again in a couple of weeks, you're going to need to head to the New World Steam page and request the Open Beta client through the Steam Playtest tool.

If you select "Special Settings" in the "Edit Store Page" menu on the New World Steam Store Page, you should be able to toggle visibility for Steam Playtest sign-up links. You can find a guide on how this all works here.

Amazon Games' New World is due to launch on September 28th - with any luck, the fourth release date will be the last.