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What worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 4?

Kingdom Hearts 4 will give the series a chance to explore new heights and incorporate even more series. This being said, we know very little about what is due to be included. Here's what we've figured out so far and what we wish would come.

Is Kingdom hearts 4 Open World?

We know very little about Kingdom Hearts 4 so far so all of this information is set to change. This being said, the trailer for Kingdom Hearts sees Sora in Quadratum a much more mature, lifelike world that is huge and expansive. If the game is mostly set here, it could very well be open world.

If Kingdom Hearts 4 is not open world, it seems likely that it will have open world components to it. This distinction is rather important when analysing the worlds we may see.

What Worlds Will We See?

Some are reporting that the forest in the trailer looks like Endor from Star Wars. As well as this, some are pointing out a shape in the trailer that looks suspiciously like an AT-AT's foot. With Disney owning Star Wars, this is a collaboration that would make sense.

This being said, they have the entire Disney catalogue to work with here. We could see the magic powers of Encanto come to the world or the metropolis of Zootopia. It seems unlikely we will see anything from the Marvel universe as that may lead to some odd implications for the story. Whilst Marvel have shown with the likes of Fortnite or Free Guy that they are willing to collaborate, it's unsure if they can holistically fit into the world built by Testuya Nomura.

The world of Wreck-it-Ralph is one meta enough to include those but we may see licensing issues with all the other video game characters in it. There is so much to explore here that could build on the world. For instance, the world of Inside out could go a long way in exploring the motivations of the world's characters.

It seems likely we will see some more teases over the coming months so keep an eye out and we will update you right here as soon as new information comes in.

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