What time does Pokemon Unite Mobile release?

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Pokemon Unite has been a phenomena on Nintendo Switch since its launch a few months ago and in that time has managed to capture hundreds of thousands of players as the newest MOBA on the block!

With the game centered around a more casual approach, it's been a hit for gamers of all kinds.

After this massively successful launch, Pokemon Unite making its way to mobile with a brand new port.

Here's everything you should know Pokemon Unite as it approaches launch on mobile, and how you can register to get it day one!

LATEST - Pokemon Unite File Size

The critically important Pokemon Unite update is actually not that massive in reality.

While this update will bring the game to iOs and Android alike - it won't cost them too much space, as the update breaks down to the following file sizes:

  • Nintendo Switch - 1.4 GB
  • iOS - 1.5 GB
  • Android - Device dependent (roughly 1.4 GB on average)

Release Date

Pokemon Unite Mobile finally arrives on September 22nd. Players have been able to preregister for a few months now and have been able to unlock a few special outfits as a reward.

The game does support cross progression so, anything you unlock on Mobile will be kept in your Nintendo Switch save. This is a nice little bonus that encourages you to play the game on the go and at home. No matter which way you play, you can keep all your skins.

Release Time


The game officially arrives at 3 am ET / 8 am BST around the world. This is just when the game opens and there's a chance the servers could get delayed. There are currently millions of people waiting to play so it could see some server issues.

If over 5,000,000 players register for the game by October 31st, players will see a unique Halloween event alongside some brand new skins and in-game coins. It seems the game is set to provide new updates and events throughout its lifetime. The earlier you get involved, the more free stuff you should be able to grab. Good luck in there.