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What Is Valheim? Nordic Survival At Its' Best

Valheim is the latest Early Access Steam game to get a lot of buzz amongst the gaming community.

But, what actually is it? There hasn't been much advertising, so it's explosive reception is all-the-more surprising.

As of writing, according to Steam Charts, Valheim sits on an all-time peak of over 130,000 players! You can find their official site by following the link.

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Brutal Exploration

Like any Open World Survival Crafting game, Valheim is only as good as it's "survival", right?

Valheim Dungeon Tomb
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DUNGEONS - There's always more to explore in Valheim

Well, thankfully, Valheim does that part very well. What's more is Valheim's world is all procedurally-generated too!


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This means that you'll never get the same map twice and each new game will be a fresh adventure.

Viking Crafting

Valheim also borrows from it's peers by having an expansive building/crafting feature.

In this world, you can "raise your own viking mead hall, houses, castles, and more"!

Valheim Interior Hut
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BUILD - Valheim has an extensive crafting feature that's worth getting stuck in to!

Not only this, but Valheim keeps the Vikingyr spirit at it's core with naval transport and combat a huge part of all this.

You can also forge powerful weapons and armour alongside cooking food and brewing mead. It really has it all!


Pros & Cons

If there's one thing that Valheim has... It's depth. It is a truly wonderful co-operative experience that will offer countless hours of fun.

Although, it isn't perfect. Yet.

Graphically, it is frankly a little lacking. Of course, with the immense scale of the game and the nature of it's development, this is to be understood.

However, it is a shame given the fact we have had so many fantastic representations of Nordic culture lately; most notably Assassin's Creed Valhalla and God of War.

Even still, this will undoubtedly be addressed in future updates and/or by Steam's Workshop community.

Valheim is currently available on Steam and is in early access.

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