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What is the Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact?

Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact

Alongside the many cute, unique characters, Genshin Impact also has a deep and rich lore. This applies not only to the main events during the Traveler’s adventures, but also to events hundreds and thousands of years before. Fortunately, there are quite a few individuals who have enormous power and longevity, such as members of Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact.

This secret group has united some of the most powerful witches for hundreds of years. However, the developers are hesitant to reveal details about this group. Therefore, today we will tell you about Hexenzirkel and its members.

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What is the Genshin Impact Hexenzirkel?

Hexenzirkel is the German word for Circle of Witches, and it describes perfectly this secret group in Genshin Impact. Players will learn about it for the first time during the Windblume Event in Version 3.5. And of course, if anything has to do with mysterious magic, it has to do with Klee's mom, Alice.

Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact
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It is from Alice that we learn that Hexenzirkel is a group of the most powerful Witches of Teyvat. In addition to abilities and knowledge, they are also united by immortality or a long life span. However, it is not entirely known how exactly Heexenzirkel appeared. It's been revealed that they conduct explorations in Irminsul, but what they're searching for remains unknown.

From The Mages' Tea Party teaser we know that many years ago, Heexenzirkel attempted a challenge to Anemo Archon. In other words, they have enough power to influence not only the world of Teyvat, but also divine beings. However, Venti dissuaded them and suggested they listen to his music instead.

From then on, Hexenzirkel members began meeting at tea parties, where they shared their secrets, stories and never fought each other. Thus, we can assume that Heexenzirkel's goal now is to explore and observe the world rather than influence. But perhaps in future updates, they will take a role in the adventures of the Traveler.

Who are the members of the Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact?

Since Hexenzirkel is a secret group, it is not surprising that its members are shrouded in secrecy. For example, on the artwork depicting Hexenzirkel, you can see 8 Witches, while the Tea Table for their party has 7 seats. But since only 6 members of Heexenzirkel in Genshin Impact are currently known, it can be assumed that the last place at the table is for guests, such as Venti.

Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact
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Alice is one of the oldest members of the Hexenzirkel and goes by the codename "A". And this is not surprising since she is a long-lived elf, like her daughter Klee. She travels all over the world and wrote the Teyvat Travel Guide. It is also known that she is a mighty witch versed in various sciences, such as engineering, alchemy, astrology, magic, etc.


Barbeloth is also known as the "B" member of Heexenzirkel. Unlike Alice, this Witch focuses only on hydromancy, which does not prevent her from being a friend and even a rival of Klee's mother. She is also Mona's teacher, who calls her Old Hag.


This member of Hexenzirkel has the code name "R", and she is also known as "Gold". She is a researcher and alchemist living since the time of Khaenri'ah. There, Rhinedottir studied the Art of Khemia, which allowed her to create life. In a way, she can be called Albedo’s mother, as she created him. Also, it is worth noting that in the Heexenzirkel group she is described as “A flower that is not of this world”. So we can assume that, like twins, she is not from Teyvat.

I. Ivanovna N.

I. Ivanovna N. has the codename "J". Judging by her name, we can assume that she is from the Snezhnaya region. Unfortunately, very few facts are known about her, including her abilities as a Witch. However, we know for sure that she chose love over magic since after her marriage she left Hexenzirkel. Also, she was not as long-lived as Alice, so she died long before the events with the Traveler. However, players can meet her successors, such as Scarlett.


The last known member of Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact is codenamed "M". Although like the other members, Andersdotter is a powerful mage, she is also an exceptional writer. According to her, her life is not as long as other Witches, so she wants to leave them a book to live forever. The 7 book series is called The Boar Princess, and you can find almost all of them at Mondstadt's Library.

Hexenzirkel is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious organizations in Genshin Impact. All its members are powerful witches, but it seems that they prefer to share their experiences during tea parties rather than influence the world of Teyvat.

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