What is Tale of Immortal: The Chinese RPG Is Blowing Up On Steam

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Tale of Immortal is a brand-new Chinese open-world RPG from Lightning Games that has proven an instant hit amongst players.

Set in a sandbox world rooted in Chinese mythology and cultivation, Tale of Immortal has players take on countless mythical beasts in their journey to become Immortal.

At the time of writing, Tale of Immortal has an all-time peak concurrent player base of over 135,000 according to Steam Charts.


Become An Immortal

Tale of Immortal is all about rising up in and amongst Chinese mythology to become an Immortal.

Starting as a mortal warrior, you must fight your way to ascension.

Below, you can check out the Tale of Immortal Trailer:

This game features an open world, heavily involves typical RPG features, and a choice-based narrative that will shape your journey.


There's No English Translation Yet

What makes Tale of Immortal unique is that it's currently only available in Simplified Chinese.

This means that many of the players that make up Tale of Immortal's instant player-base are from China itself.

Tale of Immortal in-game screenshot Steam
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IMMORTAL - Tale of Immortal has players striving to become an immortal Deity

This is the second Simplified Chinese game to explode onto Steam, with House of the Three Kingdoms 8 proving to be popular on launch.


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Tale of Immortal, despite only being in Chinese Mandarin currently, is available everywhere.

It is also only just in an Early Access period, with six chapters available to play.

According to the Tale of Immortal Steam Page, the full game is due to release in about a year.

Industry Analyst Daniel Ahmad has raised an interesting point which only makes Tale of Immortal more impressive.

Although China now accounts for almost a quarter of Steam's user-base, Tale of Immortal goes against the general buying habits of players from the region.

Do you think Tale of Immortal will stay this popular ahead of its' full release?