Watch Dogs Legion Trailer: Gameplay, Release date, Graphics, Music, E3 & more

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The Watch Dogs franchise started back in 2014 - and it looks set to appear on a third generation of console thanks to Watch Dogs Legion.

The first two instalments were popular within the gaming community for focusing on hacking, rather than guns-blazing action. 


Now, the third instalment of Ubisoft’s open-world hacking game is coming - it was officially announced at E3 2019, but the release date has since been pushed back.

While this delay is rather disheartening for the players who were eagerly-anticipating Watch Dog’s upcoming launch, at least we can expect a more complete game.

NOW WATCH BELOW: The E3 Official World Premiere Trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion


Ubisoft released a gameplay walkthrough at E3 2019.


In the trailer, we saw everything from a grandma to a former spy character that players could control.

However you want to play and whoever you want to be, Watch Dogs: Legion lets you do that.

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You’ll be able to recruit and play as any NPC in the game world, all in the name of building up a resistance force and freeing London from the grip of tyranny.


Every individual you meet in the open world also has a full set of animations, voice-overs, character traits and visuals that are guided by gameplay systems.

BREXIT MEANS BREXIT: The game is set in a futuristic, post-Brexit London

From the looks of it, Watch Dogs: Legion will make ample use of the U.K.’s active CCTV surveillance system, which is quite fitting with the game's overall hacking theme.


If you want to see more of Watch Dogs: Legion, there is also 46 minutes of open world gameplay to get stuck in to.

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