Watch Dogs Legion: Location, Map, characters, weapons, trailer, graphics, gameplay - everything we know so far

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Fans of the Watch Dogs franchise played previous editions set in American metropolises Chicago and San Francisco - but this time around, Legion is set in a near-future, dystopian version of London. 

The idea of a London-based Watch Dogs Legion seriously excites us, and not just because of the tea and scones.


While Watch Dogs Legion’s initial release date was set for March 6, 2020, Ubisoft recently announced that it’s now being pushed back to a later date.

Continue reading for all the details on the upcoming game’s location and map.


The Watch Dogs Legion map will encompass a wide area of London - the official website describes it as "a massive urban open-world" where you’ll be able to visit all the famous landmarks.


Mass unemployment, an ineffective government, and a brand new private security firm called 'Albion' are causing riots on the streets of London.

It’s not that difficult to visualise the capital in such a frantic state.

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POST BREXIT: the game is set in a futuristic London


In this post-Brexit world where society, politics and technology have changed and altered London, you’ll get to build up a team of resistance fighters. 

London is a rather suitable location for Watch Dogs, as the city has one of the highest surveillance levels in the world.

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Furthermore, the contrast between the modern culture and the old architecture make for a great visual experience.


For more information on the game’s release date, gameplay and trailers, check out our piece here.

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