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19 Feb 2020

VidCon London 2020: Gfinity and ViacomCBS in partnership for VidCon London 2020 gaming activation

VidCon London 2020: Gfinity and ViacomCBS in partnership for
VidCon London 2020 gaming activation

Gfinity will be at Vidcon London - putting on a first-of-its-kind Street Fighter tournament. Hadouken!

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Taking place from 20 – 23 February 2020, VidCon London will be filled to the brim with performances, panels and Q&As with some of the best-known creators and influencers from the online community.

Taking place this year at ExCel London, VidCon hosts some of the world’s largest events for fans, creators and brands that are passionate about the online video community. And guess what... Gfinity is going to be there, too!

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DON'T BLANKA US: Gfinity will be at Vidcon this week - hosting a Street Fighter competition

Gfinity is bringing gaming to life with a first of its kind experiential event, featuring Capcom's Street Fighter V.

The ‘Street Fighter V Tower Climb’ will give VidCon London 2020 visitors the opportunity to take part in a rolling tournament, a race to the top of the Tower to become the sitting champion.

The question is how long will their reign last? One match, one hour? You can read all about it right here

As for the rest of Vidcon, expect incredible live on-stage performances, interactive experiences, chats and meet & greets.

Continue reading for all the details we have on the upcoming event.


VidCon US recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, inviting 75,000 attendees and over 100 brand exhibitors to the show.

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OVER THE POND: VidCon will be in London this February

However, this time the event moves over the pond to London, and the line-up looks outstanding.

If you're planning on attending or want some more info about tickets, you've come to the right place.

VidCon London will take place 20 – 23 February 2020 at ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL, UK.

The best way to get there is via DLR line on the tube, with Custom House and Prince Regent being the nearest stations.


As is expected, there are a lot of renowned creators appearing at the event.

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CLUMPED UP: Creators from all over the world will congregate in London this weekend

Currently, the line-up of featured creators includes:

Amazing Phil, TheOdd1sOut, Adam B, Aj Shabeel, Ali-A, Amber Doig-Thorne, AmyRightMeow, Anastasia Kingsnorth, Anna Maynard, Anthony Padilla, Arron Crascall, Blanks, CC Clarke, Calum McSwiggan, Chunkz, Cinzia Baylis-Zullo, Clare Siobhan, Clickfortaz, Colby Brock, Daz Black, Dean Dobbs, Eman Kellam, Eva Cornwell, Evie Clark, Hank Green, Hannah Witton, Holly H, Iconicakes, Jack Edwards, Jack Howard, Jack Maynard, Jamie Raines, Jana Hisham, Jazza John, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, Joe Tasker, Josh Pieters, Kaiser Coby, King Kenny, Laura Edwards, Lee Hinchcliffe, LookingforLewys, Like Cutforth, MC Naveed, Maaz, Manny MUA, Mark Ferris, Melanie Murphy, Mikey Pearce, MyLifeAsEva, Mykie, Neffati Brothers, Niko, Olivia Grace, Rebecca Parham, Riyadh K, Roly West, Ruby Granger, Ryan Bergara, Sam Golbach, Samantha Harvey, Scola Dondo, Shaaba, Shane Madej, Sharky, Sophia Tuxford, Steven Lim, Thomas "TomSka" Ridgewell, Unjaded Jade, Vee Kativhu, Wilbur Soot and kickthePJ.


There are three types of ticket on sale right now.


These ones are for the fans.

This ticket features access to panels, Q&As, live performances, meet & greets, and much more.

This will provide fans with a variety of ways to interact with their favourite creators and their content, as well as discovering new content.


These tickets are more educational in nature.

This is a place where growing creators can attend panels, talks, and workshops from industry experts, providing them with inspiration and 'take-home' expertise.

This expertise includes information on building their brand, growing their audience, and producing high-quality, unique content.


This ticket offers unparalleled access to experts, industry leaders, and top creators.

With this ticket, participants will get a deep insight into how to build sustainable and profitable communities.

Participants will also be taught the best practices for using video to sell products and services, and how to work well in collaboration with other influencers and creators.

You can purchase your tickets for VidCon 2020 here.