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Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt Preview

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt, is currently hosting it's Closed Alpha, and we were lucky enough the get access to give the game a try.

The Battle Royale genre is pretty oversaturated but a few big games dominate the scene. Warzone, Fortnite and PUBG are the first games that typically come to mind when you think of Battle Royale titles.

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How does Bloodhunt stack up in comparison and how can it compete?

Bloodhunt First Impressions

The first thing that stood out to us when playing Bloodhunt was atmosphere. It does a few things different to other titles in the genre, and they're all positive, but that moment that a game begins and you're exposed to the game world is something special.


You do not drop into the map like in other titles, instead you outright pick where you spawn in Bloodhunt. You are shown the map, of which there is only currently one, and you select where to spawn. All points of interest are marked on the map including high tier loot areas.

This creates a risk/reward factor to where you spawn because do you want to risk a more lucrative drop but possibly run into multiple other players early on?


As the game begins, the map pulses and shows you where every other player is spawning. A genius concept to really ramps up the anticipation as you potentially drop into a game knowing multiple other players are nearby. By this point, however, it's too late to change where you spawn.


Difficult Choices

The character Archetypes in Bloodhunt act as classes, but aren't as restrictive as they sound. Each Archetype comes with 2 active abilities and a passive. One particular Archetype we became most attached to was the Siren.

Siren's abilities allow them to blind enemies with their beauty (naturally) or send out a projection which you can then teleport to. The Siren's passive ability charms civilians which temporarily has them acting friendly towards you and your team. This allows you to feed on one within a group without breaking The Masquerade.

The above video from Clinix Nine does a great job breaking down the Archetypes. There are 6 total so far;

  • Brute - Brujah Clan
  • Vandal - Brujah Clan
  • Saboteur - Nosferatu Clan
  • Prowler - Nosferatu Clan
  • Siren - Toreador Clan
  • Muse - Toreador Clan

If you head into the lore section of the menu, two further clans are mentioned, The Camarilla and Anarchs. This could mean more Archetypes will be made available over time.

Obey The Masquerade

As you move through a Bloodhunt match you can, as a vampire, feed on humans which are strategically placed around the map. Some will give you special passive abilities whereas others are just there to feed on and recover health.

Beware, as if you disobey the Masquerade and 'reveal your true nature to those not of the Blood' then you will be revealed to the entire map for everyone to see for 60 seconds. This also occurs when you kill a human in the map.

You can identify humans, loot and other players in a radius around you by triggering your supernatural senses. This is very useful and potentially on too short a cooldown for what it is. We expect it to be balanced out in the future


Different, But The Same

A game of Bloodhunt plays out like many other Battle Royale games in that you are surviving to be the last one standing. A gas cloud surrounds the map, shrinking the safe area over time. You can pick up a variety of ranged and melee weapons and protect yourself over the course of the match.

Where it differs is in the details. When you load into the game, you are placed in the Elysium. This is a shared lobby of sorts where you can interact with other characters before you begin matchmaking. This is also where you can customise you character.

Bloodhunt Artwork
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The art style is on point for a VTM game

Customisation options in Bloodhunt are pretty good for a Closed Alpha and there is plenty of potential for it to expand over time. Regardless, there's more than enough there to create your character in-game which is distinct enough from any other you'll see.

It's less about weapon skins and charms and more about creating a character with personality, that represents you.


Onwards and Upwards

Overall we're really impressed with what Sharkmob have created so far in Bloodhunt. There's plenty of depth for a Closed Alpha and so much untapped potential which we're sure they're working away at to unlock before release.

Bloodhunt does more than enough to stand out from the crowd. Whether you're looking for a Vampire: The Masquerade fix until the next major game, a new battle Battle Royale to sink your teeth into (get it?) or just a completely new experience, Bloodhunt has what you're looking for.