Valorant: Top Tips & Tricks for the Tactical Shooter - Heroes, Abilities, Aiming & More!

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Valorant is Riot’s next title aimed at the competitive FPS genre.

Riot is known for their outstanding game, League of Legends. They are known for their constant support of the game on both the casual and competitive side.

This gives Valorant a lot of potential moving into the future and becoming a true competitive eSports game.


Because Valorant is so competitive, you may be looking for ways to improve your aiming, gameplay and mechanics to hit be the best of the best!

Table of Contents

Here, we’ll go over some great ways to improve your gameplay
as well as some interesting ways to use character’s abilities in unorthodox ways.

Heroes and Abilities

To begin with, you’ll need to find a few heroes that fit your playstyle.

valorant characters and abilities
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ICE WALLS AND ROCKET LAUNCHERS - There are many abilities to make use of, whether you're attacking or defending.


We recommend using Phoenix as his abilities are easy to pick up and begin learning the mechanics of the game.

After you’ve got the hang of how to play Valorant, you’ll want to branch off and find some other Heroes you work well with.

Luckily the game outlines how each character plays. Whether
you’re a Support, Entry-Fragger, or In-Game leader, there’s a Hero for you.

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This may take the most time, but once you’ve found your main
Heroes, you’re well on your way to mastering their abilities and mechanics.

Ability Usage

Each character’s abilities are fairly self-explanatory, but
there can be some interesting ways to utilise them for a separate advantage.

valorant ability usage
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TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAMWORK - Use multiple abilities together to pull off a coordinated attack!


For example, Sova’s Ultimate allows his arrows to go through walls and also gives him a large knockback.

If the arrow is aimed at the ground it will boost Sova into
the air, with the ability to reach vantage points Sova normally wouldn’t be
able to.

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This can throw enemies off, as Sova isn’t usually able to
utilise a height advantage.

There are likely many other ways to utilise the abilities of


If you can’t aim, you can’t kill. If you can’t kill, you can’t
win. It really is as simple as that.

valorant aiming tips
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CONTROL AND PRECISION - Keep your aim in check with the in-game aim trainer.


Luckily there is a training area where you practice aiming,
inspect recoil patterns and go over attacking and defending scenarios.

It’s very rare to find this sort of detail included in a competitive FPS and is a welcome addition to the Valorant experience.

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We highly recommend spending as much time as possible to hone in your aim here.

In the long run, this is in of the key factors that will set you apart from the other players.

Continuously up the difficulty and speed of the targets and
soon enough you’ll find your aim improving.