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Pokimane Roasts Sentinels Valorant Team After Analyst Proposal Rejection

Popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has roasted the Valorant esports organisation Sentinels. Their latest acquisition of Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek also got involved in the friendly mocking.

Shroud is back baby! Sentinels have recently been in the news due to them working with Shroud. Not only a huge start for Sentinels but a brilliant turnaround for the streamer.

However, they are in the news again. Instead of hiring somebody, this time it's for rejection. Pokimane has been denied a role as an analyst for the pro esports team. But let's look at this and the events that happened afterwards too.

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Pokimane rejected by Sentinels

Sentinels Valorant roster has recently acquired Shroud for their team. However, they have also had a bit of a re-shuffle with other aspects. Their recent gameplay in Valorant has been a little lacklustre and they know it too. So, they are looking for some new analysts to help fine-tune the team's style.

Pokimane jumped straight onto this and reached out to them. In a joking manner, they released a tweet stating that...

Pokimane banters back

Of course, Pokimane is not one to shy away from some comedic arguments. Her witty response left a thread of laughing fans as she retweeted and stated a simple four-word sentence.

Also included in the tweet were some statistics about recent games. A five-loss streak is sure to put some sting into that wound.

Sentinel's response was calmer than expected with a...

“you make a good point. when can you start?"

Although, the sarcastic tone can't be missed considering she has been denied.

Shroud even commented on his side with a cry for "HELP!!!". It seems that Pokimane as an analyst is not looking so likely. However, with her success in the streaming world, it makes sense that she wouldn't want to take the analyst role too.

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