Valorant Is Getting A New Game Mode: Escalation

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Riot Games has announced a brand new game mode for Valorant, Escalation, and here's everything we know about what to expect.

Patch 2.03 is on the way and Valorant is upping their update game with this title update by adding a new game mode alongside their standard array of updates, tweaks, and bug fixes.

Escalation is a five-versus-five mode that features a departure from Agent-specific abilities and introduces a new, uniformed experience just for this mode!

Below, we've got everything you need to know about the new Valorant game mode Escalation.


Escalation Basics

Escalation is a five-versus-five mode in which players have to attempt to level up by killing their opponents.

In a way, it is similar to Call of Duty's One In The Chamber. There are 12 levels in total and the first team that completes all 12 levels or is the highest once the match timer expires wins.

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Each level offers the player a different array of weapons and abilities and there are two levelling systems: an Individual Level and a Team Level.

Without Agent-specific abilities, players will be pushed out of their comfort zone and forced to think fast and kill faster.

Valorant Escalation Release screenshot Pistol
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QUICK! - Do you think Escalation will bring the fast-paced action it promises?

Riot has reportedly claimed that the game will last around seven-to-nine minutes and players will get 800 experience points for a completed match.

Also, this will not count towards Quest progress in a similar fashion to other Limited-Time modes.


Level Information

What makes Escalation exciting is the dual-levelling system it implements.

The Individual Level is what dictates the weapon and abilities each player has. When this is increased by getting a kill, these change.

The Team Level, however, is an average for the team. If you get kills and your Individual Level is below the Team Level, you will only get half a point per kill.

This forces players to think fast and kill faster as it really is a race to the highest level.

Valorant Escalation Patch Notes Leak
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LEAK - Here's what leakers found out about Escalation

Below, we have some information about the levels and abilities that are coming to Escalation:

  • Level 1: Ray's Rocket Launcher Capability/ Vandal or Phantom Weapon
  • Level 2: Vandal or Phantom Weapon
  • Level 3 - 11: Unknown
  • Level 12: Shorty, Classic, Knife, Stun Arrow, or Snowball Thrower

Some of this information was acquired through a now-deleted leak, so it may be slightly inaccurate.

Valorant's 2.03 Patch is still a couple of weeks away, so keep an eye out for more exciting information drops ahead of release.