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Valorant: New Competitive Game Mode Releasing in Early May! Ranking System, Seasons, Competitive Play & More

Valorant is Riot’s next big title! This First-Person Shooter (FPS) is expected to dominate the gaming community due to its steep learning curve and addicting gameplay.

With many skills from other games combined into one, you can expect lots of the games features to be familiar.

The shooting mechanics are similar to that from Counter-Strike, and the ability gameplay resembles that of Overwatch.

This means Valorant is likely to attract a VERY wide audience.

Currently, there is no ranking system in the game, but from recent leaks, this seems likely to change.

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Ranking System

We finally have our first look at a ranking system for Valorant!

valorant ranking system
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TEAMWORK - A full team that communicates will give you a massive advantage over a solo-queued team!


With new divisions to climb and possible rewards, this will
add another great feature to the game to keep fans playing and improving.

A ranking system gives players a goal to strive for within a given time frame, like a league or a season.

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As players improve, they can expect to climb higher and higher and have the possibility of receiving better rewards.

Take at look at each of these divisions here!

Valorant Seasons

Seasons allow players to reset their ranks and hit the
ranked playlist with a clean slate.

valorant seasons cosmetics
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COSMETICS - From what we've seen, the cosmetics in Valorant have some outstanding detail.


Over the period of a few months, you may find yourself improving massively, but not rising as fast through the ranks.

A reset would cater to this group of players and allow them to be in the rank that matches their skill.

Seasons may also bring new cosmetics and items for players
to aim for, again adding another level of progression.

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Hopefully, Riot will also update their game every season to
fix bugs and Heroes that are unbalanced or need a buff to become more of a meta

Skill Based Matchmaking

This is likely to improve the Skill Based Match Making or

valorant skill based matchmaking
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AIMING IS KEY - At the end of the day, if your aim isn't on point, you're not winning anything!


There is SBMM featured in the closed beta of Valorant, but you are unable to see your score or rank.

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This ranked playlist will make it much easier to determine the type of player you will be matchmade with.

Overall, this will benefit the entire player base and give everyone a more enjoyable experience.

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With something to aim for and a more balanced experience, we have high hopes for the future of Valorant and hope to see it hit the eSports scene very soon.

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