Valorant - How will other titles compete with new FPS? CS:GO, Rainbow Six, Overwatch & more

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Valorant is Riot Games first go at making a competitive First-Person Shooter.

The game has many features that resemble the shooting and recoil mechanics of CS:GO.

This is expected to make it compete with the player base of Counter-Strike and possibly overtake the titan of FPS games.

Counter-Strike fans are known for being notoriously dedicated to the game and are unlikely to switch, but it seems Valve is taking measures to ensure they can hold onto their players.

Road to Rio Major

This year, the ESL One Tournament is taking place in Rio de
Janeiro Brazil.

valorant beta competitive
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COMPETITIVE GAMEPLAY - Both Valorant and CS:GO share game mechanics making them very competitive!

The ESL One is the biggest Counter-Strike Tournament of the year, and we can expect big things to come.

These tournaments not only build hype throughout the community but also in-game as well.

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With new cosmetics and skins available based around the teams, as well as the tournament, live-streamed directly in the game, everyone is invested in the outcome of the tournament.

This may help CS:GO’s community stay on board with the game while Valorant is still building hype.

CS: Source 2

The original Counter-Strike: Source released over 15 years ago, with many fans of the series starting with Source.

CSGO outdated graphics
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OUTDATED PERFECTION - CS:GO's gameplay is still outstanding, but the graphics are definitely lacking at this point.

Multiple leaks from the gaming community have stated that CS:GO could be receiving a Source 2 update.

Multiple maps have received optimisation updates recently
that tailor towards the Source 2 Engine.

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This would breath new life into CS:GO with a massive overhaul on a lot of features in the game and keep the community interested in the game.



Finally, Operations are CS:GO’s version of ‘Seasons’.

operation shattered web csgo
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UNLOCKABLES AND COSMETICS - CS:GO is notorious for it's rare and expensive cosmetics for selling upwards of £1000!

The most recent season ‘Shattered Web’ added a Season Pass
with new cosmetics and unlocks.

We are likely to see more features added each season alongside
new cosmetics, stickers skins and more!

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Valve will continue to add to Counter-Strike to keep the game balanced, fresh and fun to compete with the new competition.

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