Valorant: Game Director Hints at Mobile, PS4 and Xbox Releases! Platforms, Servers, Competitive Play & More

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Valorant has hit the Gaming community with a Bang, hitting over 1.5 million viewers on Twitch at one time.

The game is currently in closed beta and is receiving a lot of positive responses from Streamers, Pros and casual players.

To get access, you need to link your Riot account to your Twitch account, then watch a stream on Twitch showing Valorant with the ‘Drops Enabled’ tag.

For more info on this, make sure to check out our other article here.

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Unfortunately, the game is only available on PC for now, but we have some new information regarding the possibility of a mobile release, as well as a PS4 and Xbox release.

valorant platforms
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PLAY ANYWHERE - With Valorant on multiple Platforms, it will allow you to play where you want, when you want.


While talking to The Express Online, Game Director Joe Ziegler mentioned that the development team is now “exploring other platforms like console and mobile”.

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However, Ziegler went on to mention that they want to ensure Valorant is a top-notch experience before they branch out to other platforms.

Servers and Bugs

Before the Valorant Development team create mobile and console ports. Some issues they need to cover include fixes to bugs, servers and balancing.

valorant servers and bugs
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DEVELOPER SUPPORT - Riot have been on top of any bugs and glitches that appear in-game.


So far, Valorant feels like a polished experience with the occasional server issue and glitch, but by no means does this stand out and ruin the experience.

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Balancing seems to be the biggest factor the Dev team need
to work on.

With certain Heroes (Characters) having abilities that give
you an easy win, or are not balanced for the earlier rounds, this part of the
game needs some work.

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Riot has already begun patching these issues with updates occurring every fortnight (roughly). This is amazing and will keep the player base coming back to try out the new additions.

Competitive Scene

By branching out to multiple platforms, it would certainly help Riot to grow their Competitive and eSports scenes.

valorant gameplay review
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ESPORTS READY - We will have to wait for more news from Riot as to whether they think Valorant is eSports ready.

The MUCH larger player base could encourage Riot to grow this area, due to the increase in fans of the game. This will boost viewers and competitors for tournaments.

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Joe Ziegler also mentioned that Riot is looking to begin talks with Streamers and eSports Organisations to begin their eSports journey!