Valorant: Confirmed Maps - Haven, Bind, Post-Launch Maps, Unique Features, Release Date & More

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There is a brand-new game from the creators of League of Legends, and it is expected to be the competitor to Valve’s CS:GO and a few other games.

Valorant's gameplay and mechanics draw inspiration from tactical shooters like Overwatch and Rainbow 6.

Valorant is only available on PC for now, but we already have plenty of information on the maps that all gamers will be able to use.

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Gamers that were lucky enough to get a beta access key have revealed plenty of information about the two maps that are currently active.


Now, we already knew about the 'Bomb Defusal' game mode, but where most shooters employ two bomb setup, Haven will actually feature three sites!

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SCOPE: The weapons are absolutely kitted out with a multitude of intuitive scopes

For this reason, Haven is a map that will require communication, coordination and teamwork from the defensive side.

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This is a map that all characters will be able to operate in, but it lends itself particularly well to the abilities of Omen and Sova.

Those who currently have Beta access have said it feels like a textbook tactical shooter map, but with various unique aspects.


Bind is the only map that follows the traditional two bomb site setup, but it also doesn't have a neutral area in the centre.

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ACCESS: For the best chance of getting access to the closed beta, follow the instructions in our Beta access article

Instead, there are two one-way teleporters that allow players to transition from one bomb site to the other in a hurry, but be warned - it makes quite the racket when you use it.

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This map promises fast, chaotic warfare that will require a new tactical playstyle.

Post-Launch Maps

We already know that there are two other maps coming to the game that will not feature in the beta.

valorant how to get a kill
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UNIQUE ABILITIES: Use your character’s abilities to gain an advantage against your enemy!

However, details surrounding these new maps and when they will arrive is still unclear.

Release Date

Riot hasn’t officially confirmed a release date for Valorant, but they plan to release the tactical shooter at some point in the summer of 2020.

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SCOPE: Judging from the 2-minute gameplay trailer, the weapons are kitted out with a multitude of intuitive scopes

The exact release date will depend on feedback received during Valorant’s beta, as well as the impact of Coronavirus on Riot’s dev team.

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