How to Farm and Craft the Cultivator in Valheim

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Valheim sets players on an adventure where even the smallest mistakes can be the difference between life and death. One thing that can keep you prepared for the toughest moments is a farm of your own.

With this in mind, here's how to farm in Valheim!

How to Get a Cultivator

To farm in Valheim, you'll first need a Cultivator.

Valheim First Boss Eikthyr stag
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FIRST STEP: To get a Cultivator, you'll have to beat the first boss in Valheim

The Cultivator is made in the Forge, but it's only craftable after defeating the first boss of Valheim, Eikthyr.

The Cultivator recipe will take 5 Core Wood and 5 Bronze to craft in the Forge, which is a fairly reasonable cost for such an impactful tool.

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Valheim Seeds

Players can find seeds throughout the open world in Valheim. They will be large and glowing, so keep an eye out on your journey.

Valheim Farming Seeds Cultivator Carrots
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PLANNING REQUIRED: You don't want to stack your seeds when farming

Once you have seeds and your Cultivator, you'll use the Cultivator to form a spot of arable land, and from the same menu, you'll be able to plant any seeds in your inventory.

You'll want to space out your plants to ensure that everything grows properly to get the most out of your new farm.

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Food in Valheim

Getting a Valheim farm going as soon as possible is important for your progress, as the crops are fantastic for restoring health and stamina in a pinch.

Valheim Food Farming Fishing Hunting Foraging
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LIFE SAVER: Food keeps you going in Valheim, and farming means less hunting, foraging, and fishing

With so much fighting involved in progressing in Valheim, you'll never regret having some extra food around, and it'll keep you from having to hunt and fish so often.

If you're playing on a multiplayer server, creating a big farm with friends is the perfect way to maximize your effectiveness in the open world, whether it's in PVE progression or fighting off invaders in PVP.

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