UFL: The new football game looking to rival FIFA

Many have tried but failed to compete with FIFA, which is one of the most popular sports franchises in history. And now there's a new challenger stepping onto the pitch, UFL.

Now, this was only announced recently but the game has been in development since 2016.

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Let's go over what we know about UFL, the new football game coming soon, and its developers Strikerz Inc.


Release Date

UFL has no official release date just yet, but according to its developers, it's coming "soon".

With eFootball similarly without an official release date, and FIFA 22 dropping on 1 October, this means we can expect plenty of football gaming action in late 2021.

UFL Reveal Trailer

We don't know the release date yet but is said to be announced "soon" what we did get was a reveal trailer that looks absolutely stunning. Perhaps it could even rival FIFA.

There's no gameplay in the trailer but the game is being developed in Unreal Engine, something we're familiar with. Check out the reveal trailer below!

From a visual aspect, the game looks fantastic, especially the lighting in the stadium. Hopefully, we get more reveals and a potential gameplay trailer to satiate us very soon.


Without playing the game and no gameplay trailer to see just yet, we can only go off the promises of Strikerz Inc., which are more focused on skill than money.

An image of a field in UFL captured from the UFL trailer
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Essentially, they're getting away from the "pay to win" model of other football games and focusing on a new skill-based experience. They also partnered with FIFPRO, the world's biggest representative organization for 65,000 professional footballers.

They're even promising updated statistics for each player, courtesy of InStat, a leader in sports performance analysis.

Two players approach the ball in UFL
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FAIR TO PLAY: A fresh experience for gamers tired of the pay to win model

Gamers should be happy to see this considering the "pay to win" model is a frequent complaint of the FIFA community. Fingers crossed that UFL can deliver on this promise when the game is finally released.

With the first trailer now out, the next will likely give us our first glimpse at UFL gameplay.



UFL will release on "all major gaming consoles" according to the developers.

This could mean the game won't be on PC, but it does likely point to release on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

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