TT Isle of Man 2: Coming in 2020 for Console and PC

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First run in 1907, the Isle of Man TT is one of the most dangerous sporting events in the world. With many different formula of races happening over the tight, unaltered, streets of the small island in the middle of the Irish Sea, this festival of speed is attended annually by around 45,000 fans and continues to see many devastating accidents.

In March 2018 TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge tried to bring the feel and history of the Manx race to the homes of motorsport gamers. It received a lot of positive reviews from players for the accuracy of the 37 mile course but had its moments of disappointment with the interaction of AI. From a visual standpoint the game was excellent though.

TT Isle of Man 2


Bigben and development studio KT Racing have announced the upcoming sequel for their 2018 game will be coming to both consoles and PC in 2020. 

KT Racing are a development studio specialising in racing games and have also been involved in games based on the WRC franchise as well as the first iteration of TT Isle of Man. The new game will recreate the Snaefell Mountain course even more accurately and offer a vastly improved riding experience so that all the thrills of racing are faithfully captured.

More content and features have been promised soon, and combined with the recently released MotoGP 19 it is a good time for hardcore riders and a nice moment for casual fans to get into the sport.

The early signs are promising, and this still image provided by Bigben is a stunning teaser of improved visuals, lighting, and road surface. The Isle of Man TT is one of the most heart-pounding races in the motorsport world and  KT Racing have a big challenge in faithfully capturing that experience and delivering it to fans.

"The course snakes through the Isle of Man's winding and narrow roads. Riders reach speeds of over 300 km/h, take off over bumps and scrape against low walls on a 60-km course with more than 250 bends to be memorised by heart: it's a breathtaking challenge!"

If they can live up to the promise then this could become one of the most played and best-loved racing games ever. The Snaefell Mountain course is like the Nurburgring on steroids and is not something easily conquered, for the racing perfectionists it could be a game you never put down.

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