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Thymesia: Team17 Announces Nintendo Switch Launch

Thymesia will soon be joining the world of Mario and his friends. A bit of a contrast, but trust me... it works.

The Nintendo Switch Cloud Gaming has had some brilliant games added to it in the past. However, this is being stepped up as the most recent game announcement for it is Thymesia. The RPG action-adventure game will be released onto the Nintendo Switch store through cloud gaming upon release.

So, when will you be able to get your hands on the Cloud gaming copy of Thymesia? Let's take a look here.

What is Thymesia?

Thymesia will see players take the position of Corvus, who wears a spooky plague doctor mask. Fitting to his style, he is able to control diseases to turn them into biological weapons. He also has a raven form he can transition into.

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The gameplay seems typical of any other ARPG. However, there are some more unique mechanics which will separate this from the genre. A certain mechanic called The Claw plays on historical bloodletting and can stop enemy health regeneration.

Switch release date

Thymesia will be released onto the Nintendo Switch cloud gaming on its official release date. This is August 18 2022!

However, the game is a little different in that it will only be available on Nintendo's streaming service. This lets players play games through streaming which lowers the CPU usage. Overall, it leaves a very happy customer and Nintendo Switch.

This date is useful to remember if you're intending to play on any other console too. August 18 will be the date for the PC, Xbox, and Playstation release too.

Do you need to know how to download and play the game? We have a helpful guide for that here.

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