Thymesia: Release Date, Gameplay & Platforms

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Thymesia is an upcoming ARPG is a fantasy-style game which is coming hot off the heels of Elden Ring. Steam users have linked this game and Dark Souls to explain how Thymesia feels.

The game looks at a brutal reality where alchemy has gone too far. This world is on the brink of annihilation and players will decide whether they pull this back or push it over the edge.

The game was first shown at the 2022 Future games Show and so many fans are waiting for its release. With all the excitement gearing p for this game, let's look at some key details about its release.

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Thymesia will see players take the position of Corvus, who wears a spooky plague doctor mask. Fitting to his style, he is able to control diseases to turn them into biological weapons. He also has a raven form he can transition into.

The gameplay seems typical of any other ARPG. However, there are some more unique mechanics which will separate this from the genre. A certain mechanic called The Claw plays on historical bloodletting and can stop enemy health regeneration.

There is more information on the trailer for the game, with some gameplay videos too. These can be found on Team17 official Youtube channel.

Release date

On the official Youtube channel for Team17, they released an announcement trailer for the release date. The gameplay trailer showed Corvus running through various areas and getting himself into some pretty brutal fights.

The gothic atmosphere is definitely implied here. With blood-red filters and huge skull bats to fight, the atmosphere in this game will be chilling. The official release date for Thymesia is August 18 2022.


The game will be available on Steam, Playstation 5, and the Xbox Series X|S on August 18 2022.