Outer Worlds 1.2 Switch Update: Patch Notes - Graphical, Performance improvements & more

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The Outer Worlds is one of our favourite RPGs, as it's a title that has kept us entertained since its release last year.

Despite the delay in its Switch release, The Outer Worlds made it to Nintendo's home console in June this year.

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There's good news for Switch gamers too, as Patch 1.2 is now live and ready to download. Here's everything you need to know about the latest update to the Halcyon Colony!

New Features

The full patch notes are listed in this article, beginning with the new features for the game:

the outer worlds graphical improvements
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TEXTURE UPGRADE: Obsidian were showing off their new graphics on Twitter
  • Implemented a half-resolution SSAO
  • Implemented Clouds in Skybox
  • Replace SSR with SphereReflectionCapture
  • Disabled subsurface profile shading
  • Added Depth of Field to Conversation Camera

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Changes and Fixes

  • Limited the max instance count for sounds to improve CPU performance
  • Adjusted the volume threshold for sounds to improve CPU performance
  • Packed textures to save memory
  • Optimized materials for the environment and terrain
  • Optimized and added more vegetation to the world
  • Added details to the world buildings
  • Used normal map textures instead of triangles for objects
  • Re-designed some buildings
  • Meshes rebuilt for improved visuals
  • Lightmap texture streaming rebuilt
  • Fixed character AI issues
  • Improved the streaming performance to fix the building dark issues players experienced and some texture blur issues

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Overall, this is a big update for The Outer Worlds on Switch. Patch 1.2 improves the graphics and textures of the game while also allowing it to run more smoothly.

tow roseway combat 001 sized 0 1
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LOOKING GOOD: This update improves the sights and sounds of Halcyon

Furthermore, fixing issues such as character glitches is a very welcome improvement. Obsidian are showing exactly why they're one of the most respected developers out there.


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If you experience any issues while playing The Outer Worlds on Switch, don't hesitate to get in touch with Obsidian:

"To continue to report issues you come across and to share suggestions for the game, please share it with our publishing partner, Private Division, through their support website. This will help ensure that your specific issue or suggestion is in their queue and will allow us to prioritize requests to provide the fastest possible turnaround time." - Outer Worlds Website

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The Outer Worlds will be getting its first DLC on Switch, although a date it yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned to RealSport for all the latest Outer Worlds news!