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The Last of Us 2: Characters returning to the sequel: Joel’s relationship with Ellie, Unconfirmed characters & more

The Last of Us has gained legendary status due to its incredible storytelling and immersive characters., and with the sequel on the way, the hype is building for more gameplay and information from Naughty Dog.

We know of
characters like Ellie and Joel are returning from the first game. This is due
to the importance of their role in Part I as well as being seen in the reveal

Here, we’ll cover more characters to be in the game as well as other information such as Joel’s possibly negative influence on Emily.

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We know the
2 main characters from the previous game are returning. Ellie and Joel were the
base for the previous game. Fans are glad to hear that Ellie and Joel’s story
continues through to the sequel.

ellie last of us II
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ELLIE'S PARENTS - We may discover the truth of Ellie's parents in Part II!


brother Tommy is also set to return in the next game. His role in the first was
simple and effective. His story arc finished with him resolving conflicts with
his brother, so it seems odd for this character to return.

However, in
the trailer, we hear him giving advice to the main character Emily before she
set’s off on her journey.

There will also be many new characters coming in Part II. Similar to the first game, the player will have the option to make friend or foe of these new faces.

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A character
we do know of is Dina who seems to play a primary role with Ellie as a love
interest. There is little other information regarding Dina’s story, and we’ll
have to wait for more information regarding her narrative.


There has
been little other information regarding more characters to appear in the next
game. There were many story arcs hinted at that were not explored in the first

joel last of us II
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THE LAST LAUGH - Joel's return makes us feel uneasy due to his hostile nature...


Mother’s story was hinted at but again nothing was shown. We may see some
flashbacks hinting at the relationship between Ellie and her parents.

Much of the
first game was based around Joel fighting against his emotion for the loss of
his daughter. We may see this return in more flashbacks telling a more in-depth
narrative regarding his relationship with his family.

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Many characters from the original game died, these being Riley, Bill and Ellie’s mother. There is a possibility they can return and are not dead. This is unlikely to happen as each character’s death influences each character’s story arc.

Bringing back dead characters can work if conducted appropriately. But Naughty Dog needs to be careful as it can very quickly feel like a cop-out for filling a missing part of a story.

Influence on Ellie

relationship between Joel and Ellie was a large part of the narrative in the
first game. After what seems like a long break, Ellie seems unsettled with
Joel’s return.

joel and ellie last of us wallpaper
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AN UNBREAKABLE BOND - Ellie sees Joel as a father-figure and becomes a teacher for her.


In the
first game, Joel came across as an egocentric character who only cares about
himself. However, he made many sacrifices which lead to the duo surviving.

Ellie was an impressionable 14-year-old in The Last of Us, with Joel acting as a father figure, he has most likely played a negative influence on Ellie’s life.

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As a 19-year-old in Part II it is possible Ellie has reflected on the effect Joel had on her as a child. With this, she has grown to hate the way he behaved.

Will we see Joel and Ellie reconcile as friends in Part II, or become enemies due to an unknown event that we’ll discover as a part of the sequel’s storyline?