EA Play Live Future of FPS: Everything You Should Know

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E3 is finally over after so much build-up and now, all we have left is EA Play Live. Although we won't see the main event for a few more weeks, we do have a brand new spotlight talking about FPS games we won't see during the main show.

Table of Contents

The Future of FPS Spotlight is one of three smaller events before the show. Here's what you should know about it.

Latest - It's a Few Hours Away

Finally, it's just a few hours away from right now. You can get in there now to get ready to watch it.


You can find out all about how to watch it right here.

When Is EA Play Live Future of FPS Happening?

The Future of FPS show takes place on July 8th at 10 am PT / 6 pm BST. Make sure to get in there early just in case.


Of course, these types of things are always prone to accidents so there's a chance it could start a little later than intended, just make sure to prep everything beforehand.

What Can We Expect to See?



We'll split this into three main sections for what it could cover. First off, we know it will talk about Battlefield 2042 as the website says it is scheduled to do so. We can probably expect a talk from some of the staff behind it plus some gameplay to tide us over until the official release later this year.

Apex Legends

After this, we also have confirmation that Apex Legends will be there. This will likely hint at season 10 which is due to launch next month plus the future of the franchise.


Finally, while that's all that is planned, we can hope to see something a little bit different too, perhaps a new teaser for an upcoming project or a look into what else the studios are working on. There's a chance this will only cover Battlefield and Apex Legends but we can always hope for more.