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The Division 2: Title Update #12 - Patch Notes, Season 4, End of Watch & more

There are a whole host of changes coming to the game in Title Update #12.

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Release Date


The new season commences on Tuesday, 8 December.

This brings with it all the latest updates including new weapons and gear to test out.

New Items

One of the most exciting aspects of the new season are a load of new items.

From exotics to weapons, test it all and find your favourite.

Two new guns on the game are the Marksman Rifle: Tactical .308 and the Assault Rifle: PDR.

There is also a new skill variant which will be of particular interest to those who favour a sniper!


Patch Notes

There are so many new features coming to Season 4 and we can't wait!

Check out the full patch notes here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Magnetic Disc skill mod description to match its effects.
  • Fixed the Technicians and Demolitionist Specialization Weapons being misaligned on the Future Initiative Radio Carrier backpack.
  • Fixed the Firewall Specialization Weapon being misaligned on multiple backpacks.
  • Fixed a broken animation on the True Sons tank appearing destroying the ammo pack then switching weapons.
  • Fixed the RC Sawblade car not attacking players as intended.
  • Fixed mission difficulty changes not persisting when matchmaking.
  • Fixed occurrences of players being able to go out of bounds.
  • Fixed Morozova’s RPG shot not cancelling after her armor is depleted during phase 2 and 3.
  • Fixed destroyed player skills not dropping Memento Trophies when wearing the Memento backpack in a PvP session.
  • Fixed incorrect timings for Kenley College in the progression tracker.
  • Fixed overlapping threat detection messaging when performing a total discharge on a group of enemies in the SHD Exposed Global Event.
  • Fixed Global Settings timer not appearing in the menu under certain circumstances when deactivating/activating a Global Event.
  • Fixed the Memento’s long-term buff resuming from its previous number of stacks after expiring when picking up a trophy.
  • Fixed an issue where exiting and re-entering matchmaking will incorrectly increase the difficulty.
  • Fixed UI issues appearing when both Cool Skills and Scavenged Skills directives are active.
  • Fixed players being able to deal unintended amounts of damage with the Firewall specialization weapon in the Conflict PvP mode.
  • Fixed a clipping issue present when wearing the Black Tactical Shirt.
  • Fixed the Unstoppable Force talent incorrectly activating when killing wildlife.
  • Fixed a trophy box becoming unlootable after having used a character boost.
  • Fixed an issue with the Operation Iron Horse raid that could cause a boss encounter not to end if a disconnected, downed agent reconnects when the rest of the group is at the pilot.
  • Fixed missing textures for the “Langley Reports” category in the collectible’s menu.
  • Fixed the Armor Regen stat not working as intended in the shooting range.
  • Fixed Ubisoft Connect challenges displaying incorrect values.
  • Fixed Ubisoft Connect challenges not rewarding XP as intended.
  • Fixed the mortars in the final Operation Iron Horse fight not being able to hit the agents during the carpet bombing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Fragile Armor directive where the player would see his own broken armor stacks on other party members UI instead of their actual stacks.
  • Fixed chosen directives not applying when in the lobby menu in The Summit.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get teleported back to the lobby of The Summit when starting to matchmake.
  • Fixed an issue causing story mode difficulty to incorrectly be available to players in The Summit.
  • Fixed an area where NPC’s would get stuck in their spawn closets on a specific The Summit floor.
  • Fixed an issue where players could incorrectly matchmake for Washington D.C. missions before completing the Warlords of New York campaign.
  • Fixed the “Protect the hostages” objective not updating after all enemy NPC’s were eliminated, blocking completion of the objective.
  • Fixed missions on high difficulty at level 30 not dropping gear above 504 gear score.
  • Fixed Empress International targeted loot selection not functioning in The Summit.
  • Fixed open world loot reward quality on heroic difficulty not scaling properly to the difficulty.
  • Fixed players being able to bypass legendary level enemies on Legendary difficulty in The Summit.
  • Fixed The Summit challenges not progressing the first time a player enters the game mode.
  • Fixed The Summit challenge Skill Demolitions not progressing.
  • Fixed The Summit challenge Skill Demolitions not progressing with Shrapnel Trap kills.
  • Fixed The Summit challenge Excessive Force not progressing under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed The Summit challenge Directives Dabbler not completing.
  • Fixed The Summit challenge Exceptional Accuracy not completing.
  • Fixed The Summit challenge Oppressive Suppression not progressing with grenade kills.
  • Fixed The Summit directive Ragers remaining active if the player switches directives in the lobby.
  • Fixed multiple The Summit ascent challenges incorrectly completing despite group members being downed.
  • Fixed an issue causing flamethrower kills not always progressing the ‘Crowd Control’ challenge in The Summit.
  • Fixed an issue causing loot chests to not spawn loot for all players if some group members were more than 2 floors behind.
  • Fixed the Scorpio Exotic debuff UI not refreshing when the player reapplies with subsequent pellets.
  • Fixed the Scorpio Exotic poison effect incorrectly affecting turrets.
  • Fixed the Scorpio Exotic not refreshing the debuff duration if a second player already applied it to the target.
  • Fixed issue where the named Chest and Backpack from Empress International had the wrong core attribute.
  • Fixed the Scorpio Exotic incorrectly applying venom stacks to neutral players or group members in the Dark Zone or Conflict.
  • Fixed the Tend and Befriend buff only staying active for 4 seconds in the Dark Zone when using the Firestarter or Oxidizer chem launcher skill.
  • Fixed the “Symptom Aggravator” talent activating under certain circumstances without the required gear.
  • Fixed Achilles Pulse showing incorrect results for Cooldown when Skill Haste mods were attached.
  • Fixed the Rigger backpack not being craftable.
  • Fixed the Kendra’s Liberty exotic pistol not being craftable.
  • Fixed missing muzzle flash VFX for the Capacitor Exotic.
  • Fixed placement of the Demolitionist and Technician signature weapons on the Empress International backpacks.
  • Fixed placement of the Capacitor Exotic and PDR weapon on the Empress International backpacks.
  • Fixed placement of various Chem Launcher variants on the Empress International backpacks.
  • Fixed sidearms clipping through the Rigger holster.
  • Fixed occurrences of elbow pads appearing twisted when combined with specific apparel items.
  • Replaced a number of incorrect voiceover lines in the Japanese localization.
  • Fixed a missing voiceover line in the Brazilian Portuguese localization.
  • Improved various localizations in multiple languages.
  • Fixed the respirator mask remaining on the agents face when switching the gear dye multiple times.
  • Fixed the PC Benchmark feature incorrectly skipping to the end screen without providing any information.