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Steelrising: Release Date, Gameplay, Developer & More

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steelrising key art

Steelrising looks like it could be an under-the-radar hit when it finally releases early next month. Following releases like Elden Ring shaking up the market trends, this souls-style RPG set in the French Revolution has players patiently waiting to see if it delivers the goods.

Here's everything we know about Steelrising including when it's being released, who is developing it and what we've seen of the gameplay so far.

Steelrising Release Date

Steelrising will release on Thursday, 8 September 2022 following its initial reveal in July 2020.

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The game has since been shown at many worldwide showcases, most notably The Game Awards in 2021. Development is believed to have started once Greedfall was being prepared for release.

Steelrising Gameplay

Gameplay for Steelrising has been shown off multiple times and playtests have been fairly frequent throughout development. The game will be a mix of soulsborne combat with RPG elements and a super slick graphical style.

Given that Steelrising it's a traditional triple-A experience, it looks awe-inspiring on all fronts so far. We expect point-to-point exploration to be semi-linear with there being ways to venture off the beaten path but each player's path will ultimately start and end in the same locations.

Mastering combat won't be easy as you use parries, dodges and a variety of attacks to take down the mechanical enemies you will face. Mechanically, the game will need to be very polished or risk leaving players underwhelmed.

Who is the Developer?

Steelrising is being developed by Spiders who are based in Paris, France. It is the first game being published by Nacon following their acquisition in 2019.

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Greedfall 2 was recently announced be developed/published by the same duo.

They have previously worked with Focus Home Interactive to publish Greedfall, Bound by Flame, The Technomancer as well as some Sherlock Holmes games.

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