24 Jun 2021 9:59 AM +00:00

When Will The Steam Summer Sale Start?

The popularity of the Steam Summer Sale, or any of their seasonal sales for that fact, have been declining due to the numerous ways you can get cheap digital PC games.

This doesn't change the fact that Steam is still the most reliable way to buy games with no worry about a key changing hands or having to wait for it to be sent. You purchase a game via steam and should be playing it within a few hours, depending on file size.

We're still excited to see what the Steam Summer Sale has to offer, but more importantly, you surely want to know when exactly to log on a check out the deals.

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Steam Summer Sale Start Time

The Steam Summer Sale will start at 6pm BST, the usual update and refresh time for Steam in the UK. This works out at 10am PT and 1pm ET.


If you're as eager as we are, you'll be sat refreshing the store from around 5.55pm onwards just to see if anything is available early.


The time and dates of the sale are still up in the air though, as steam have not confirmed any of these details directly. All this information has come from @SteamDB on Twitter.

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Steam Summer Sale End Time

If the information given is correct, the Steam Summer Sale will end on 8 July. The exact end time is also likely to be the same as the daily refresh time of 6pm BST.

This would mean the sale itself is around 15 days long, plenty of time to build up that backlog of games before we hit the busy period of the year.