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Best Steam Summer Sale Games You Might Have Missed

It doesn't matter what kind of games you play, the Steam Summer Sale has some hidden gems waiting for you to discover.

Maybe you missed one of these titles when they released or had no idea they existed. Regardless, now is the chance to give them a go!

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PGA Tour 2K21

Good golf games are hard to come by lately. In fact, they're near impossible to find unless you go back to the old Tiger Woods games.

HB Studios tried to revive golf in gaming with their Golf Club series which only really took off once they acquired the PGA licence for The Golf Club 2019 Featuring The PGA Tour.

The Studio then partnered with 2K to produce PGA Tour 2K21 and it is the closest thing to a masterpiece the sport has seen in some time. It released quietly in August 2020 but has taken the sporting fandom by storm and even includes its own take on Battle Royale online gameplay!

It's currently in the Steam Summer Sale for £16.49, which is 67% off.

Resident Evil 3

The remake for Resident Evil 3 didn't quite receive the same fanfare that Resident Evil 2 did. Granted, it's a much smaller experience but the effort that went into this remake was just as grand.


The Resi 3 remake is another masterpiece from Capcom and if they intend to continue revisiting the older titles to give them this new coat of paint, we're all for it!

The game is currently in the Steam Summer Sale for £16.49, which is 67% off.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

The team at Hangar 13 have returned to where it all started with the original Mafia title. This isn't a simple remake, but instead, a reimagining.


Many mechanics have been updated and upgraded and the story has received some updated to ensure it feels more in line with the original vision for the game.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is currently in the Steam Summer Sale for £20.99 which is a 40% discount.

Death Stranding

Originally a PlayStation exclusive, Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding has made its way to PC. With an all star cast on board and an expansive open-world with many stories to tell, Death Stranding is certainly an experience worth trying.


It's certainly not the most traditional 'game' you'll ever play, but Kojima has never been one for tradition. Instead this often plays out more like a cross between a simulation and sci-fi movie, and it works, even though it probably shouldn't.

It's in the Steam Summer Sale for £21.99 which is 60% off.

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