Steam Next Fest brings us demos to play today

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Steam Next Fest is almost here and there's plenty of questions up in the air right now. Following E3, it is all based on hands-on experiences and fresh demos, and we can expect tonnes of small announcements and additions to ongoing games.

If you care about PC gaming or can't wait to see what they bring to consoles next, this is an event you will want to keep your eyes on.

What Is Steam Next Fest?

Steam Next Fest is a celebration fo all things PC gaming with hands-on demos of a multitude of indie titles. If something is up and coming on PC and looking for a spotlight, you'll see it here.

Demos are a little bit of a lost art form with Xbox, PlayStation and Switch but they have stayed strong over on Steam, being a great way to test out a game before you buy it.

When Does Steam Next Fest Start?

The Steam Next Fest starts today, June 16th - though the time that starts isn't clear just yet. On the page itself, you can set a reminder to tell you when it goes live - a nice perk of getting there early.

This digital games festival will end in just under a week, on June 22nd. This means you have a few days to take advantage of everything you can find there.

What Will Be There?

Steam have put a lot of detail into Next Fest, with focuses on tonnes of different genres and all the creativity indie games have to offer.

The best thing to do from here is go in there and try out a little bit of everything for yourself. Luckily, it will be split up into easy-to-read tags like RPG, Adventure and more. Find out what works for you and test it out

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