Starfield: Debut trailer set to release in near future - Release Date, Plot, Consoles & more

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Starfield is One of the biggest powerhouses in the gaming industry has been working on their next big title for the best part of a decade.

We are, of course, talking about Bethesda Softworks and their massive upcoming sci-fi project, Starfield.

We’ve also heard that the futuristic RPG is set to release before The Elder Scrolls 6, meaning that Bethesda is likely to throw most of its resources at the project in a bid to get it out before Xbox Series X and the PS5.

Around the end of last year, various leaks were speculating that the game could miss the launch of next-gen altogether, but we've heard that a new trailer is on its way very soon!

Continue reading for all the details we have on Starfield's debut trailer.

Trailer coming before E3 2020

Word on the metaphorical street is that Bethesda Softworks will be releasing a debut trailer for Starfield in the coming months. 

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THIS AIN'T IT CHIEF: Todd Howard has been more absent than usual as he needs to split his time over multiple Bethesda projects

This news comes after an anonymous user (that claims to be close to the developer) dropped a bunch of new details about Starfield.

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Now, you should know that leaks should not be taken too seriously until they receive official backing.

That said, the timeframe seems to be more specific than what the majority of studios have announced as 'official release dates' for their upcoming titles, so go figure.

Reddit leak

Director and producer Todd Howard sees Starfield as his baby, as he was the one who fought to bring the whole project together.

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RADIO SILENCE: Until this leak, there had been silence for months on the game's development

Allegedly there will be plenty of interactions with alien species across the galaxy, as well as complicated quests that warrant decision-making based on the game's lore.

In terms of gameplay, the game will reward players for their unique takes on the game and raises the bar on character building.

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Starfield will offer a play-time that sits somewhere between 70 – 120 hours, but the likelihood of getting hands-on with the game on the E3 2020 show-floor is pretty much zero.


The only thing confirmed at this point is that Starfield is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and that it will release before The Elder Scrolls 6.

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