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Splitgate Weekly Challenges for 22-29 September

Splitgate finally hit Season 0 in August and it has already come a long way since. With new monthly, weekly and daily challenges to unlock, there are so many reasons to come back and play.

If you're looking for some help on how to get the Splitgate Weekly Challenges for 22-29 September done, here's what you should know.

Splitgate Weekly Challenges for 22-29 September

Below is all the challenges and how to complete them:

Win 5 Matches

This will likely be one of the easiest challenges to beat. You don't need to try and beat this, just do your other challenges and, eventually, this will unlock.


If you aren't an excellent player, just join some team games and let them take you to victory.


Complete the Abyss Race

The Abyss Race challenge is pretty easy to beat if you know what you're doing. From the main menu, just go across to training and click on the race option.

From here, look for the abyss map and give it a go. You don't need to do well to get this challenge, you simply have to finish it.

Get 30 Kills in Team Shotty Snipers

Team Shotty Snipers can be played via the casual playlist. Make sure to only click on that one and search for a game.

The thing to remember about this is that assists count as kills in Splitgate. If you can just hit enemies and let your friends kill them, you can get a high kill count.

Get 10 Kills with the Plasma Rifle

There are tonnes of ways of getting a Plasma Rifle. The most efficient way I've found is by playing Team Fiesta in the rumble playlist.


Just keep trying to spawn with the plasma rifle and do as much damage as you can.


Win 3 Matches of Dominations

Domination can be played via the casual tab and you can win games simply by joining a good team.

Just try and lock down two areas with tactical portals and hope your team can help you out.

Go Through 10 Enemy Portals

This is a bit of a strange challenge. Play hectic modes where enemies are constantly moving like anything in the rumble playlist