Splitgate Weekly Challenges 24th August - How to beat them

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Splitgate has come a long way over the last few years, seeing hundreds of thousands of players making their way into the game's servers. You can find out all about what the team think in our interview with CEO Ian Proulx here.

With all those players comes brand new challenges and events. Here's how you beat this week's challenges.

Play 10 Matches

Now that the game's servers are improving, this is a pretty easy challenge to beat. Just do the other challenges and this should get ticked off after some time.

You will need to do all the challenges to get those reward drops anyway.

Complete the Silo Race

This is a very easy challenge to do but may allude you if you haven't had the chance to test out all the games options.

To do this, go over into the training section and you will find a race tab. Click on that and change the map to silo. You just need to finish this to get the reward drop. You don't need to do it excellently.

Get 30 Kills in Gun Game

This is likely the first challenge you want to try. Go to the play tab and choose gun game. Do this and it may unlock some of the other challenges too.

Good luck in there.

Get 10 kills with the Sniper Rifle

Playing Gun Game should tick a couple of these kills off but the best way of completing this is by playing "Team Shotty Snipers".

One decent round could unlock all the kills you need to defeat this challenge.

Win 3 Matches on Atlantis


This challenge will likely take you the longest as it's fairly random. Not only is it random if you will come across this map but your chances of winning aren't guaranteed either.

You just have to keep playing until you win this one, unfortunately.

Win a Match with the Most Portal Distance

This can easily be the first challenge you will defeat. Just continue to use portals and set them far away from each other. Eventually, you will get it.

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