17 Aug 2021 11:18 AM +00:00

How to complete all Splitgate Weekly Challenges for August 17th

Splitgate has shown it's more than willing to stay around past the explosive few months it has had. With brand new drops and tonnes of new challenges, there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back. You can read about the past, future and some tips for the game in our interviews right now. This week's challenges, starting August 17th, may stump you so here's how to do them for yourself.

How to Complete All Splitgate Weekly Challenges for August 17

Get 10 Kills with the Railgun

The Railgun can be found in most matches so getting kills with it isn't a huge problem. Instagib is available for a few days and entirely uses railguns but it won't stay forever. If you want a guarantee of using it at some point in the match and are too afraid that all the railguns will be hogged, you can play Gun Game.


Gun Game is pretty great as people don't tend to hold down single areas and you're more likely to get some kills.

Win 3 Matches on Abyss


The issue with challenges like this is they are entirely random. You just have to keep playing until you come across the map.

This will likely take the most time to finish.

Win a Match with the Highest Accuracy

This is also a hard one to fully give tips for. That being said, don't use wide spray guns like the SMG or Assault Rifle.

If you can, try to use single-shot weapons or the shotgun, these are good for accuracy.

Win 5 Matches

If you aren't amazing at Splitgate (no judgment here), join a team-based game mode and mop up some wins that way.

If you feel cocky, you can take on one of the free for all game modes but team ones seem to be the best way to get some wins.


Complete the Helix Race

This one is very easy to do but can be a little hard to find. From the main menu, go over to the training tab and click on race.

From here scroll across until you find the Helix map. Do it to get this challenge finished.

Win 3 Matches of VIP

VIP is a unique game mode. Just click play, go into the casual mode and find it there. Tick that box and nothing else. Search for a game and you will get in there.

Win the game mode 3 times to finish this challenge.