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Will we see Splinter Cell during Gamescom 2021?

Our agonising wait for news on a new Splinter Cell game goes on. As we approach Gamescom 2021, is there any chance that we could be in for a surprise?

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Here's the altest on what we know about a new Splinter Cell game.

Latest - Could Splinter Cell surprise us at Gamescom?

Gamescom 2021 is the last big gaming event of the year and could be a good chance to reveal a brand new Splinter Cell game. The main show is actually over but reveals, trailers and announcements are still going on for the next few days.


While Ubisoft appear to have no major presence at the event, the game could still show in some capacity. It is, however, looking unlikely as the best opportunity would have been the Opening Night Live presentation.

Will A New Splinter Cell Game Be At E3 2021?

We can't confirm that a new game will be revealed at the Ubisoft Forward during E3 2021. However, there are positive signs around the Splinter Cell franchise that suggest a new game could be in development.


Sam Fisher has appeared in multiple Ubisoft franchises over the last few years. Whether it's Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six, the hype is always there for his presence. It's always swiftly followed up with questions about a new Splinter Cell title, and Ubisoft are always tight-lipped

So far, Ubisoft have refused to explicitly say if a new game is in development or even a priority for its immediate future. It's the lack of information that frustrates fans the most.

Splinter Cell Animated Series Revealed

Just to build up hope even further, right before E3 2021 kicks-off, a brand new Splinter Cell animated series has been announced.


The series is being developed by Netflix is association with John Wick creator, Derek Kolstad. The series will be eight episodes long and has no expected release date.


Will The Next Splinter Cell Game Be Free-To-Play?

It's highly doubtful that the next Splinter Cell game with be made available for free. Ubisoft have, however, committed to creating more free-to-play titles alongside their AAA experiences. This is where The Division: Heartlands has been introduced.

There is the possibility that it could be a live service game in the same vein as the recent Ghost Recon titles.

There are also leaks surrounding a new free-to-play title which combines Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and The Division. The game is set to be team based or team building game and it is unclear whether it is being made for mobile or console platforms.


We do know that the project is codenamed BattleCat as per Twitter user @Zer0Bytes0 who leaked the now unavailable images.