Sonic the Hedgehog Skin Coming to Fall Guys

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Fall Guys Season 2 is live with tons of new content including cosmetics, rounds, and more - and a new Sonic the Hedgehog skins is also inbound.

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Let's go over the newest skin joining the Fall Guys lineup.

Sonic the Hedgehog in Fall Guys

If you've ever felt like you're moving faster than all your opponents in Fall Guys, there's a new skin coming for you to show it.

Sonic the Hedgehog Fall Guys
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FROM COINS TO CROWNS: Run as fast as Sonic to earn the crowns needed to look like him

Apart from the new cosmetics following the medieval theme of Fall Guys Season 2, the newest skin will be inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog!

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This is one of many themed skins that we've seen in Fall Guys, and will be far from the last as the game's developers continue to partner with other popular titles.

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This leaves fans wondering, what will be next?

Release Date

The Sonic the Hedgehog skin will be live in Fall Guys on Wednesday, 13 October.

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It will cost players 10 crowns for the entire set - which means you'll need to get to winning if you don't have them ready!

Fall Guys Season 2

The newest season of Fall Guys has brought tons of action to the game. With new and rather difficult rounds for players to fight through, winning crowns has never been more of a challenge.

fall guys season 2 rounds wall guys
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THE CLIMB: Fall Guys Season 2 brings a whole new level of challenge to the game
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That makes cosmetics even more valuable, and feel better after a hard grind to earn them.

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For players that aren't so interested in picking up a skin along with the new season's medieval theme, the new Sonic the Hedgehog skin could be a great pickup.