Sonic Colors: Ultimate announced in Sonic Central

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Sonic's 30th anniversary Sonic Central stream has just finished and left us with plenty of news to look over.

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Luckily, one of the best things we saw was the comeback of an old game. Here's what we know about Sonic Colors: Ultimate.


Clocking in at just over 12 minutes, the Sonic Central had a surprising amount of information in it. The announcement trailer for Sonic Colors: Ultimate is bright, vibrant, and oh so pretty.


The announcement trailer saw Sonic and pals running through levels, placing great emphasis on the speed of it all. It sees Sonic running through classic tracks, bouncing off pads and grinding off rails. This is exactly what Sonic is and the trailer knows that.

Release Date

Luckily for anyone excited, this is mere months out coming out on September 7th this year. It has a physical release and a couple of nice goodies for those who preorder early.


The digital deluxe edition of the game comes with early access to the title, some exclusive music, gold and silver wearables, player icons, and a Sonic movie boost. Preordering it nets you a nice in-game keychain.

What is Sonic Colors?

Being over a decade old, it was time to see this resurface. Sonic Colors is a 2010 Sonic game made for the Nintendo Wii and DS. Whilst the game is similar to previous Sonic games in mechanics, it added a few new things to make it unique.

The goal of the game is to save an alien race called Wisps, that give you special power-ups and new areas to find. Although the game was designed for a Wii remote, it had controller support, making it a good fit for modern consoles. Come back here closer to release for all the latest updates.