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Grab your barrels, Season 2 has finally started

It is finally here! Sea of Thieves Season 2 has kicked off and there's a lot going on. A new World Event might seem like the highlight, but there's a lot of smaller changes that make this one of the best title updates yet.

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LATEST - Season 2 Is Here At Last

As expected the Server Downtime only lasted a couple of hours and now you can jump back into Sea of Thieves with all the new Season 2 content.

There's the new World Event, the Fort of Fortune, new Emissary Ledger Rewards and Trade Routes, buyable Resource Crates and a new Plunder Pass with a load more cosmetic rewards for you and your ship!

" Our second Sea of Thieves Season sweeps in with a wealth of new content: refreshed Trials and Deeds to boost your Renown, Emissary system improvements, Forts of Fortune to conquer, Commodities to be bought and sold via Merchant Alliance Trade Routes, new and returning time-limited Events, freebies to grab through Twitch Drops and Prime Gaming, and renewed Pirate Emporium stock including the Season Two Plunder Pass!"

You can read about all this in more detail on the official Sea of Thieves Season 2 page here.


Downtime Due To Start Soon

If you're thinking of jumping on, you best make it a quick voyage! Sea of Thieves Server Downtime is due to start at 05:00 EST / 10:00 BST for the release of Season 2.

This is expected to go on for about two hours; however, there isn't a specified End Time. So, we could be looking at Sea of Thieves returning as early as 07:00 EST / 12:00 BST but it could be later.

There still isn't too much to know about Sea of Thieves Season 2, as Rare has kept this pretty under wraps, but we do know that it's going to introduce a new adventure and a new Plunder Pass. So, it isn't all bad!

Start Time Confirmed

We finally know when Sea of Thieves Season 2 is due to start! There's going to be a bit of Server Downtime to usher in the new season and Rare have shared the following information:


Sea of Thieves is due to go down at around 05:00 EST / 10:00 BST on April 15th in order to update the game's servers and content.

We don't know exactly how long this will last, but these things usually last a couple of hours. Therefore, we're expecting Sea of Thieves to be offline until at least 07:00 EST / 12:00 BST.

What Fans Want


We still don't know anything too detailed about what's in-store for Sea of Thieves in Season 2 and there's a lot of speculation from the community.

The "Hopes For Season 2" topic on the Sea of Thieves Community Forum is a little old, but it does raise some interesting topics.

People want to see a Snow Biome, additional Map Areas and Tall Tales, as well as more animals for explorers to encounter. Essentially, they want Sea of Thieves to be bigger and better and we're inclined to agree.

Sea of Thieves Season 2 Pig Beach
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NEW BEASTS? - What would you want to see in Sea of Thieves. We want bears!

A seasonal content system allows for semi-regular content drops and drip-feed progression that keeps a community engaged with your game, not that Sea of Thieves suffers from that problem just yet, but you have to imagine that Rare need to step it up if they want to keep their player base with this new seasonal approach.


Release Date & Start Time

We might not know too much about Sea of Thieves Season 2, but we do know when we're expecting it and we can look to the previous seasonal update to get a gauge on when we should expect to see the update drop in-game.

Sea of Thieves Season 2 is due to launch on April 15th and we're expecting to see it added to Sea of Thieves at a similar time to the Season 1 update on both Xbox and PC.

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This means it could be added to the game during downtime at around 05:00 EST / 10:00 BST on the date above. This is, of course, speculation so take this information with a grain of salt until more information is revealed from official sources.

Sea of Thieves Season 2 Trailer

Rare's swashbuckling sensation is headed into its second season and we don't know much at all about what's to come, really.

We do have a Sea of Thieves Season 2 trailer, which you can see below, which hints at what is to come. However, it does little to specify any of the actual content.

We see a new Emote, some ominous clouds, and a small look at some new cosmetic items. However, that's pretty much it at the moment.


Battle Pass Details & Cosmetics

We might not know the details of what's coming in Sea of Thieves Season 2, but we do know that it is most likely going to follow in the formula set about by Season One over the last couple of months.

This means that we're looking at 100 levels of content with another seasonal Battle Pass and a new batch of cosmetics that will be exclusive to "Plunder Pass" purchasers.

Sea of Thieves Season 2 Cosmetics Crew
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CLEAN RAGS - Season 2 brings a new set of cosmetics to the playing field

We see a hint of these in the trailer above but we're certain that there will be a few surprises that we'll uncover as we creep closer to launch next week.


World Events & More

The only thing we can glean from the Sea of Thieves Season 2 teaser trailer is that there appears to be some sort of "Skeleton Fort" world event headed to Rare's pirate game.

Other than this, everyone's talking about the new "Barrell Hiding" emote that we see at the end of the trailer. Could this be the new dominant PvP strategy going forwards?

Sea of Thieves Season 2 Barrel Hiding Emote
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HIDE! - This is the perfect way to stow away on someone's Galleon, right?

We're not so sure, but it would make for an effective ambush if you can avoid being destroyed by paranoid sea-farers!

At the moment, the Sea of Thieves website is still showing details for Season One. We can't imagine we will see this updated long before April 15th, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

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