Midwinter Games' Scavengers game could change the Battle Royale genre

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Midwinter Games' new Scavengers title could be the next big free-to-play game on PC. Here's everything you need to know about it.

What is Scavengers?

Midwinter Games' Scavengers game is the next evolution of the battle royale genre and it could be the next big thing. Let's just say it's promising.

Essentially, what makes Scavengers different from the rest is that it has pretty intense survival aspects and loads of AI opponents in every game on top of the standard PvP combat.

It isn't the first battle royale title to dabble in the survival genre, or the first one to include PvE combat in a PvP setting. In fact, that's becoming increasingly more common as players want to experience bigger battles than ever before.

Still, everyone thinks it's doing these things better than the rest and we have a new Gameplay Trailer so you can judge for yourself:

Early Access Twitch Drops

It underwent a Closed Beta, but now you can play Scavengers on your very-own computer-box! All you need to do is get a little lucky and catch an Early Access key on a Twitch Drop.

It sounds harder than it actually is. All you need to do is watch the game being played on Twitch via a Twitch Drop-enabled channel and you'll be in the runnings to get a game key.

You can check out the Twitch Category for Scavengers below and check out some of the streams for yourself. DrLupo, SOLIDFPS, Caliverse and Baggins_TV are all streaming with drops enabled.

Changing The Battle Royale Genre

How does Midwinter Games' Scavengers change the battle royale genre as a game? Well, it might not seem too obvious at glance.

" At heart, the game is a multiplayer shooter where players compete with one another and against a large number of AI-driven foes for scarce resources. Each round of Scavengers is session-based, taking around 20-30 minutes from insertion to extraction. Players form into teams of three in matches featuring up to 60 players."

At its core, it seems like a pretty standard battle royale title. However, what it does do, it does very well.

Scavengers Game Mutant Bear Key Art
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MUTANT BEAR? - It isn't just other players out there to get you

Here's another quote about its multi-stage matchmaking:

" Each match has three phases. In the ‘scavenge’ phase, players search for resources and weapons and plan strategy with their teammates.
" The second phase, known as ‘hunt’, sees players compete with other human players to collect data points and battle against AI-controlled enemy factions.
" And the final phase is called ‘extract’, where the surviving Explorers must find and defend launch zones in order to escape with their points and claim victory."

We could write about this game for a long time, but for a fully detailed rundown on the title from the publishers... You can check out Improbable's post about their new Scavengers game here.

Release Date & More

At the moment, the Scavengers game doesn't actually have a release date. This might not be as surprising if you're a regular on Steam (or the EGS), but it's a bit unfortunate.

Early Access titles on Steam and the Epic Games Store rarely have a strict release date and they often don't stick to them if they are given them. The whole point of Early Access is to act as the next stage of development after the Beta period. It's not quite done, but it's more than able to support standard gameplay.

If you're already playing Scavengers, you might need a Beginner's Guide to up your game. It's okay, we're not judging.


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