Scarlet Nexus Yuito or Kasane - Who Should You Pick?

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Scarlet Nexus has finally arrived and there's so much to take part in. You can see our glowing review right here. One of the most important decisions in Bandai Naai Namco's latest is the very first one you make much. Here's what you should know before going in.

Latest - It's Out Now

The game has finally hit shelves, both literally and metaphorically. You can now finally play it for yourself.

Get in there now to start that first major decision. Here are the main differences.


Scarlet Nexus Yuito Sumeragi

Going ahead, there will be minor spoilers you will figure out from just reading the character screen and playing the first half an hour or so.

It will also go over the powers of companions. If you want to know nothing about either character before going in, skip below past our descriptions.

Scarlet Nexus Yuito
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Yuito Sumeragi is our main male protagonist but the differences are much more than skin deep. He favours melee combat but both characters have the same powers. The main difference between your choice here will be story-based.


Yuito joined the OSF (the fighting force they are both part of) due to being saved by a member in their childhood. Their goal is one to prove themselves as a soldier whilst getting to the bottom of the invasion of the others( the game's central enemy).

They also want to live up to the legacy of their family name due to a father and brother who are very high up in the OSF. With this choice, you can use fire abilities, clairvoyance, teleportation and you can buff your defences.

Scarlet Nexus Kasane Randall

Kasane Randall has a more ranged fighting approach and her personality is tailored to suit that. She is more reserved in nature and more analytical than Yuito.

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Unlike Yuito, she was actually scouted for the OSF and joined based on her raw talent. She joins the OSF with her adoptive sister, fueled by the goal to solve the mystery of the strange dreams she has been having. With this choice, you use electric, hyperspeed, duplication and more ferocious psychokinesis.


Which Should You Choose?

The way Scarlet Nexus' central narrative works, you will likely want to play through the game twice - once with each character. This allows you to fully understand what's going on and how you play a part. For this reason, you should choose both.

Whilst you will experience the story either way, Yuito's grasp of the situation seems to be less concrete so I would advise starting here.

The story should be a little more shocking this way. That being said, both ways work fine. For the latest information on release, keep your eye on RealSport.