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How to Save in Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus is the latest action RPG from Bandai Namco. Not only is it big but it is also great. Unfortunately, if you don't know how to save, you may lose out on hours of playtime.

With so many hours to spend in the world, here's everything you need to know about the save function.

How Do Areas Work?

First, it's important to clarify how exploration in Scarlet Nexus happens. Scarlet Nexus is not an open-world game. It works much like that of Persona, where you are given areas you can move back and forth in at will. Areas are clearly defined and you can access the map at any time to get a rundown on the layout.

This is important to clarify as it will determine how you deal with the world. More importantly, it means that save spots are consistent throughout each playthrough so you don't have to worry too much about it.

How To Save in Scarlet Nexus

There are two central ways to save in the world of Scarlet Nexus. First, in the majority of maps, you can find a man covered in a yellow suit who wants to archive everything he can in the story of our main cast.

Scarlet Nexus Map
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His central purpose to tell that story, giving him a great reason in-lore to do so. You can find him located near a shop and choosing to save will restore the health of you and your companions. This gives a good reason to stop and save, even if you don't need to.

If you can't be bothered to stop at the archiver, Scarlet Nexus also has an autosave function. Unfortunately, it's not all that consistent so you shouldn't rely too heavily on this. The best possible way to save all of your progress is doing so manually and frequently.

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