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How Long Is The Scarlet Nexus Story?

Scarlet Nexus is the latest action RPG to come from Bandai Namco and it's a great one. This being said, before deciding to take the plunge on a playthrough, you might want to know how long it will take to beat.

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How Long Scarlet Nexus Takes to Beat

This question isn't quite as straightforward as it usually is. Here's everything you need to know.

Kasane Rendall or Yuito Kuseragi?

What you play and for how long you play in Scarlet Nexus will likely be decided by how you view this decision. You can find our total rundown right here but this will be a light version of that. Very minor spoilers ahead.

Scarlet Nexus Kasane and Yuito
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Essentially, Scarlet Nexus' story happens through the eyes of two central protagonists - Kasane and Yuito. Kasane is a young, intelligent girl scouted by the OSF for her natural talent. Yuito is plucky and confident, choosing to join due to a sense of righteousness and the desire to pay back the soldier that saved his life as a young child.


Scarlet Nexus Length

This brings us to how long Scarlet Nexus will take you to beat. Generally, a playthrough of the game should take you around 20 hours doing a moderate amount of grinding and side content, this could go up to the 30-hour mark for a completionist.

This being said, you will want to play through this game twice with each main character if you want to see everything the game has to offer.

The different characters aren't just reskins, they each have their own unique arc and relationships that are worth exploring to fully tie together the entire story. Not only this but it gives extra insight into all the other companions that can join you in combat. Doing both will likely take around the 50-hour mark.

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