Saints Row 2022: Release Date, Gameplay, Editions & More

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saints row character lineup
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It feels like forever since the return of Saints Row was revealed, but it was only back in August 2021 during Gamescom's Opening Night Live event. Following a short delay, we are now staring down the release date, wondering if we're prepared for the return of the Saints.

Over the past few months, gameplay has been shared and there's even a downloadable character creation suite but there has also been a lot of fighting over whether or not Saints Row will live up to expectations set by previous instalments. Here's everything you need to know.


LATEST - Just Days to go!

The release of Saints Row is right around the corner and Volition has just dropped the official story trailer to celebrate.

Saints Row 2022 Release Date

As we've already mentioned, Saints Row suffered a delay earlier this year meaning that the release date is now set for Tuesday, 23 August.


Developer Volition recently announced that the game had 'gone gold'. This is a rather outdated bit of terminology but is effectively a signal that the development of the game is complete.


Volition hasn't been shy when it comes to sharing gameplay footage of Saints Row. Given the uproar that surfaced during the initial reveal period, it makes sense that they would want to put fans of the franchise at ease.


Despite this, it's hard to tell exactly where this new game sits on the franchise's existing scale of ridiculousness. If we had to guess, it certainly seems a lot more grounded than three and four, but also has the more outlandish action and weapons that were missing in the original two games.

Saints Row Editions

There are a few editions of Saints Row available depending on whether you want to go down the digital or physical route. The Platinum Edition, which is the top digital edition, comes with multiple customisation packs, the expansion pass and a copy of Saints Row The Third Remastered.

saints row digital editions

When it comes to the physical alternative, it is naturally limited meaning that the three content packs are instead classed as a pre-order bonus only. Also, instead of a copy of Saints Row The Third Remastered, you will receive a special steelbook case as well as additional physical items like postcards and character mugshots.

The expansion pass is still present in the top physical edition, which is known as the Notorious Edition.