Rockstar Games Set to Announce GTA 6/Bully 2 Soon?

The iconic game developer has made some shocking changes to their Los Angeles studio.

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Photo via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors and speculation continue to emerge as we think about the GTA 6 missions and mini-games that could appear in Rockstar’s next action-adventure game.

With the sixth year anniversary approaching since the release of its last game and Rockstar Leeds recently advertising for a new role, which we believe has a direct link to GTA 6, we are hopeful of an official announcement soon.

After the recent release of Red Dead Redemption 2 this past fall which was noted as one of Rockstar’s biggest hits, it appears there may be an announcement soon.

Fans are hoping for either a GTA 6 or a Bully 2 announcement soon, has Rockstar hinted a future announcement?

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New Billboard? 

An image captured by a walking pedestrian saw the removal of the Red Dead Redemption 2 banner that has been on display in the front of Rockstar Games North offices since the initial announcement. The Hollywood game office is one of Rockstar’s main development offices and with RDR2 coming out less than a year ago, what could this mean.

Before the RDR2 was on display, Rockstar Games also displayed a GTA 5 banner which has begun the speculation already. Unless Rockstar is moving offices it seems there may be something in the works for Rockstar. But could it be GTA 6 or Bully 2? It seems as the large majority of fans are hoping for GTA 6 but there may be more of a case for Bully 2 after some images found in the new GTA 5 update. 

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Bully 2 Leak in GTA 5?

While there has been an ample amount of GTA 6 rumors and speculation for the last couple of years, fans have not been talking about another Rockstar game as much. The original Bully was released 13 years ago and it seems Rockstar put the series on the back burner, but as the years have gone by more and more fans have begged for a sequel to the classic game. 

With the recent GTA 5 update that included casinos and casino games, fans have spotted a unique image that may be paying homage to the old game or hinting at a possible Bully 2 announcement soon. During a screen in the new GTA 5 update there is a new poster and on it is the four images that were synonymous with the halls during Bully. This is purely speculation as of now but it is an interesting choice for Rockstar to include this image and taking down the RDR2 poster as well.

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Will we get an announcement soon?

With Gamescom happening this week in Cologne, Germany it seems like the perfect time for Rockstar to lift the veil and give their fans a concrete date. With the launch of Google Stadia later this year and the next generation of consoles coming in 2020 gamers everywhere are desperate to fix another date in their calendar and big title from Rockstar would be exactly what everyone wants.

Gamescom 2019 could be where we get our first information about GTA 6. Read more about Gamescom here.


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