Rocket League roster moves: From Renegades to Ground Zero Gaming all the OCE roster changes

RLCS rostermania has come to Oceania! Find out about the biggest roster moves in the region.

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Smaller regions always tend to see more volatility in their offseasons due to lack of opportunities, and this offseason so far has not disappointed. All three top teams made a noticeable change, and the teams who feel they have a chance are gunning for the leftovers. 

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Renegades drops ZeN


Out of all the moves, this was easily the first one to spot coming. Despite having a great online season, the Season 7 Regional Championship MVP was kicked from Renegades after an awful performance at Worlds. While his replacement is unknown, the Renegades were last seen playing with former Ground Zero Gaming member Christopher "Siki" Magee in the DreamHack Pro Circuit Montreal 2019 Qualifier. 

While the team would ultimately make the longest loser's bracket run of their careers, they would place 2nd which bodes well for any future the team might have with Siki. 

Good or bad move: ZeN showed promise online, but his LAN performance warranted being kicked. He was unable to perform at Worlds and at both DreamHack events he attended. If Renegades are able to find a decent LAN performer, the team will be infinitely more dangerous in the future. 

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Ground Zero Gaming replace Siki with ZeN

Ground Zero Gaming were a much more promising team than Renegades on LAN and are hoping that a change of scenery for ZeN is all he needs to be his very best. Ground Zero are looking to contend for the top spot in the league, and after winning a qualifier for DreamHack Montreal things are looking up for the OCE's number two. 

Good or bad move: Time will tell how this move plays out, but despite ZeN's LAN struggles he is still a talented player. Results online look good for now, but ZeN nor this team have ever had issues online. Ground Zero Gaming just need to figure things out by Montreal in order to make this move really pay off. 

Shadey retires

Seeing Nathan "shadey" Logan hang up the sticks brings back such nostalgic memories (for Just a Minute) of the early Australian teams, but every player finds their time to retire. While Shadey will have his hands full running RL6Mans, Chiefs Esports Club will look to find an of age replacement for the veteran. 

Good or bad move: Chiefs had no choice over dropping shadey so they cannot be graded negatively for it. Their current "third" is an extremely talented 13 year old, but he needs another two years to be RLCS ready. I don't expect Chiefs to contend for top two, but should be the third or fourth best team in the region. 

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