Rocket League roster moves: From Barcelona to TSM – all the EU roster moves you need to know about

RLCS rostermania is here and better than ever! We look at all the top RLCS roster moves to date.

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Every off season teams opt to eschew conventional wisdom and forge a new path forward, and this offseason has been no exception! Despite positive placings, FC Barcelona decided to part ways with budding star player Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois who is reportedly leaving for TSM. Triple Trouble have seen plenty of turmoil as players were kicked and then re invited as the roster looks to stabilize without the help of an org. 

This article will be updated as news breaks so keep refreshing to see all the latest roster news from the European region! 

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Alpha54 leaves FC Barcelona; replaced by Ronaky

FC Barcelona has been a top team all season seven, but the team has decided to gamble their future by allowing Alpha54 to leave Barcelona. According to a report by The Game Haus, the young Frenchman is headed to join TSM in place of Jordan "Eyeignite" Stellion. As a team, FC Barcelona placed second in EU league play and 5th through 8th at DreamHack Masters Dallas, RLCS World Season 7 Finals, and DreamHack Valencia. 

The same report pins Triple Trouble star player Aldin, Ronaky" Hodzic to replace Alpha54. Ronaky came to life as a member of Triple Trouble, but how he will fit into the team's chemistry balance is yet to be seen. FC Barcelona todayconfirmed the move of Ronaky to replace Alpha54. 

Good or bad move: I would argue this a good move slightly because Ronaky has shown himself as a star and I believe strongly in the change of scenery approach. Sometimes a team will develop a mental block that despite having the talent are unable to take it to the next level. Ronaky might not be a veteran, but he's a hungry young player who has shown his abilities at the professional level. 

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Ronaky leaves Triple Trouble; Triple Trouble disband

UPDATE: Today Triple Trouble made an announcement that they would be unable to keep 2/3rds of their roster and are forced to forfeit their spot in the RLCS. This is a huge turn for the worse as the team will also be skipping Beyond the Summit. 

Triple Trouble have long been RLCS Season 7's feel-good story, but all the warm fuzzies from the rookie's World's campaign have come to a screeching halt amidst a flurry of twitlongers and bizarre roster changes. To sum up, Triple Trouble will be playing with Eyeignite instead of Ronaky as the team has decided to unbench Andy "Kassio" Landais in order to keep 2/3rds of the previous roster.

Triple Trouble have a lot of talent, but the issue is keeping that talent in house when no one is paying a monthly salary. For a talented star like Ronaky, leaving to join a more lucrative venture would always have been a fear in the offseason even if the team could have achieved more in Season 8. 

While the team has been linked to former TSM player Eyeignite the move (as a long term player) is still unofficial, but all in all it is a solid replacement compared to the team's other potential options. 

Good or bad move: Triple Trouble were trending upwards and with a positive addition in Eyeignite could have continued to trend upwards. It is a bad move for TT to split ways, but a good move for Ronaky leaving to find new ground and a big salary. 

FC Barcelona add German "El General" Micciullo as coach; drop Roken

Despite seeing great success with Robert "Roken" Kendall as coach, Barcelona decided to replace him after just one season with the team (under Barcelona). To replace him, Barcelona recruited the talents of El General. He is a coach from Argentina, but is also known as a Rocket Street admin. While his background is not extensive, coaching in Rocket League is still a developing art, and hopefully he brings some new strategies to the table to keep Barcelona in top tier shape. 

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