Rocket League Radical Summer: Three reasons why this will be your favorite Rocket League event yet!

Prior timed events in Rocket League have been fun, but mostly hollow lacking in the way of significant additions to the game until this summer's jam packed throwback.

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Rocket League recently announced a nine week long summer event called “Radical Summer” where Psyonix plans to celebrate all things 80s. Featuring two new licensed DLC cars, three limited time modes, and a chance to use those cassettes (in event currency) toward leveling up your Rocket Pass when you’ve bought all the in event items, this is the most ambitious in game event to date! Let’s look at the three biggest reasons why this is a huge positive step forward for the game as both a casual and competitive experience. 

  1. 3 Siiiick new cars and items

    We have been seeing a steady release of new DLC and import cars thanks to partnerships with brands and the Rocket Pass, but the Delorean will no longer be the sole representative of the 80s on the pitch. Joining the time machine will be the ECTO-1 from the Ghostbusters franchise on June 10th and K.I.T from Knight Rider later in the summer. 

    While we do not know the hitboxes for either car, hopefully Psyonix hits us with a surprise as a car with a different hitbox is always welcome to improve the diversity of viable cars in competitive play. While the Octane is far and away the most popular car/hitbox in competitive play, the Batmobile has proven DLC cars can be both exciting to look at and provide value at the top level of Rocket League play. 

    Items earnable in the actual event will vary during each three week "celebration" of a different theme: blockbusters, culture, and television. Psyonix has already displayed a few items that will be available like a hoverboard topper from Back to the Future and a Cobra Kai decal for the Octane. You can earn all these items like you normally would, collecting the themed event currency (this time around they are cassettes, remember those?) and spending them in a pop up shop. The difference this time is when you have spare currency instead of wasting it, you can apply it to boost your Rocket Pass levels to earn keys and other sweet items featured in the latest Rocket Pass. 

    Throughout each celebration stage you will be able to obtain five "golden eggs" which will contain items from the elevation, nitro, turbo, and victory crates which is an exciting way to get that import body you always wanted but never had the RNG luck on your side. 

  2. 2 Fun new game modes

    Even for the most diehard soccar fan will eventually get tired of the default mode and hop into some ranked rumble or dropshot, but it is always a sight for sore eyes when Psyonix gifts us with a new mode. This time we are getting one new mode per celebration: Ghost Hunt during Blockbusters, Spike Rush during Culture, and Beach Ball during Television. 

    Ghost Hunt will feature two teams of three using a "proton stream" to send the ball in the opposite goal for two second to score. 

    Spike Rush is another 3v3 event where you will be equipped with the famous/infamous spike power up from Rumble and are tasked with trying to score on the other team. 

    Beach Ball mode is a 2v2 take on the classic summer sport of volleyball where you are tasked with guiding an oversized beach ball into the net. 

    Out of all these events my personal one I am dying to play is Spike Rush. I've always enjoyed rumble and out of all the game modes, this seems to have the highest skill based play potential. Being able to activate and deactivate the spikes at will is great for setting up cool plays and I cannot wait for the montages and Twitch clips to hit r/RocketLeague! 


  3. 1 New content post Epic

    While I can't say people expected Epic to hurt Psyonix' ability to create new content, I can guarantee people were worried about the future of the game in general after seeing Epic's spotty record with other titles (rip Paragon). Yet, we are off to a banging start with a load of content to enjoy over the summer and now that Psyonix (presumably) has an expanded budget and ability to conduct partnerships with established brands, the sky is the limit for what we can see in our favorite car soccer mashup. 

    What is your favorite piece of the new summer event? Comment below!

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