DreamHack Dallas: Top Takeaways from Cloud9’s big win

The North American side proved they are still a top team avenging their loss to TSM at Eleague while some of the rival series squads impressed in Dallas, Texas.

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Cloud9’s resurgence

After dethroning the best team in Rocket League history to date at RLCS Season 6 Worlds, the sky was the limit for the North American team led by dynamic playmaker Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda. Yet, at the next LAN they would lose in the grand finals to now WeDemGirlz (now TSM) 1-4, fourth at World Series of Esports 4, top 8 at Leipzig losing to NRG in quarters, and came in second in Season 7 NA play to NRG who swept them in the grand finals 4-0. 

While the team seemed to have hit their metaphorical ceiling and may be overcome domestically by the likes of NRG or even a newly built G2 Esports, Cloud9 proved they were able to beat the best on LAN. Squishy was hitting insane shots, Torment was playing great defense, and Gimmick was a master of sending the ball toward the enemy goal as Cloud9 went 2-0 in groups and cruised past the teams in their bracket. It was fun watching the World Champs hit their stride a few weeks before finals as any momentum headed into Newark, New Jersey will be welcome. 

Mouz and the revenge of the Rival series

While Mouz were rocking a standin, they looked completely revived from their league play self as the now relegated EU squad made top 8 of Dallas beating Vitality 3-2 in a best of five and losing to TSM 2-3 in the quarterfinals. Mouz were extremely fun to watch boasting a lot of speed (pun intended) and flair even in their tight losses to teams such as Dignitas. Seeing a now “second tier” team like Mouz outplace regional champs such as Renegades and domestic rivals such as Renault Vitality shows how competitive Europe is at the moment. 

Mouz were not the only Rival series team to have a good showing in Dallas. Evil Geniuses from North America looked abysmal in the promotional series and after two series were swiftly relegated to the Rival series. Despite NA being arguably stacked with talent (Cloud9, NRG, G2, and a resurgent Rogue), EG looked to be a contender to make it to Worlds after importing Aussie star Matthew “Drippay” Den-Kaut to replace Reed “Chicago” Wilen, but they struggled to keep up all season. If you hadn’t paid attention to the team all year you might think that EG was the second best team in North America and also heading to Jersey as Drippay showed why he was chosen to be imported to NA hitting some very tight vectors against top teams like G2 Esports who they prevented from making playoffs. 

EG would go on to make top four at the event shocking everyone, but unable to overcome the TSM juggernaut in the semifinals. The top four placing automatically qualifies the team for DreamHack Valencia, but they will need to battle out of the Rival series next season. 

Complexity Gaming the Dallas, Texas based org recently fought their way out of the EU Rival series after narrowly making the promotional tournament as the brand looks to build on former RL glory. They went a long way forward with a relatively impressive top 8 placing in their hometown losing to tournament winners Cloud9 in quarterfinals. Bringing in Dutch talent Hrant "Flakes" Yakoub has been paying off for coL as they look to return to the World Championship stage next season. 

Disappointments aplenty

With all the great stories like Mouz, EG, and coL there are big teams that they had to upset on the way. Vitality the current ranked number two team in the world had an absolutely awful event losing to teams such as underdogs such as Mouz and coL with their best win being a 3-0 against Renegades. After winning Europe in dominant fashion, it was shocking to see the confident side perform so poorly placing a dismal 9th-12th alongside fellow dissapointee G2 Esports. 

G2 was reverse swept by EG in exciting fashion no less to place them outside both prize money and playoffs. Despite Chicago being in prime form and looking great on day one, the team ran into a red hot Cloud9 and lost a game five to the eventual champs. Game fives were not kind to G2, but the team has shown so much promise to be satisfied with top 12. 

The Renegades ran right through the OCE and were unable to hang with the big dogs from Europe and America. While the top flight Aussie team in the past has been able to hang with NA and EU's finest (reference S6 Finals), this year the Aussies limped into day two getting swept by a lackluster Vitality. The team fell flat looking disjointed on the attack and being subpar on defense. Hopefully the team gets their act together before they travel to New Jersey. 

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