Riot Games - Riot to take a break after a busy year

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Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, Valorant and more, are taking a break to end the year.

After a busy year filled with patches, charity work, and esports, they deserve this time off.

Riot Games do this regularly to appreciate their employees and give them time away to spend with their families.

However, don't stress about this time away, essential employees will stagger their breaks to help the community.

Riot also uses this time to thank the people who make their company, employees, the community, and of course, all the players.

So, let's take a look back at all the work that Riot Games have done this year and details for their time away.

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2022 Summarised

Here is everything mentioned in the official blog post about their achievements in 2022.

Riot Games Esports

2022 brought the most watched League of Legends game of all time.

DRX at Worlds 2022 winners for League of Legends
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DRX and Deft completed their run from the Play-In Stage in Mexico City all the way through the World Championship against Faker and T1 in San Francisco.

As they look towards esports in 2023, we will see new formats for League of Legends esports and partnered teams shake up VALORANT esports.

Riot Internationally

Riot continues building out major offices in crucial cities like Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, Dublin, Berlin, and many more.

Those Southeast Asia offices will serve players who previously played League through Garena, their longtime partner in the region.

With that partnership coming to an end, they are excited to give players in Southeast Asia the full Riot experience.

This will start with a massive in-game party to welcome players to the new Riot servers.

Giving Back Bundles

Through events like Star Guardian and VALORANT’s Give Back Bundle, players raised millions of dollars for charity in 2022.

Riot Games Social Impact Fund Logo
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That money goes directly to Riot’s Social Impact Fund where it is then dispersed to impactful causes around the world.

And right now, to cap off the year, they are making sure players have a chance to have their say in where their money is going.

They have allocated over $6 million to go to charities across 28 regions.

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New Partners


It’s why we are part of the Fair Play Alliance and it’s also why they are looking for partners all the time.

Joining Xbox Game Pass brings two of the largest gaming communities in the world together on the platform. 

Rito Games and Xbox Games PAss
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Speaking of making online spaces healthier, they began a new partnership with Ubisoft aimed to do just that.

On the esports side, they became partnered with AWS to provide new stats to esports fans.

And that’s just a fraction of what Rioters accomplished last year. We're excited about the new year and all of the new things it will bring.

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