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Returnal is bringing Next Gen horror to PS5

Returnal is an upcoming psychological horror game that will land exclusively on the PS5!

Here's what we know about the next gen title that already has a growing buzz.

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Latest - Returnal Shown at PlayStation's State of Play

Returnal helped kick off PlayStation's first State of Play event of 2021!

Returnal State of Play
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POWER UP: Returnal will include augments for stats and abilities that shake up each playthrough

We got to see clips of gameplay as well as the game's many amazing trailers.

Returnal gave a special look into a newly revealed mechanic, augments placed throughout the game that will change your stats and abilities in unique ways. This will make each playthrough and cycle feel brand new!

Returnal Gameplay

Returnal is set on an alien planet, Atropos, and you must fight (and die) to learn more in an effort to escape a time loop that main character Selene is stuck in.

Returnal Gameplay
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THE BEYOND: Players must conquer chaos in a foreign world

With some roguelike features, players will die plenty in Returnal in the effort to escape the loop, and along the way will see the world change around them.

As a psychological horror game, Returnal will play with your mind, having you question everything as you progress.

You can see its gameplay in action here.

Release Date

Returnal now has an official release date after being pushed back with delays!

Returnal Selene Gameplay
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FIGHT BACK: Selene must survive the horrors of an alien planet

Returnal will launch on April 30th after being pushed back from the original February 30th release date.

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Returnal already has tons of exciting footage out for players to see!

Perhaps the best so far is the new Returnal Gameplay Trailer, which you can watch below:



The Sony crowd has captured a good one, as Returnal will be a PS5 exclusive title.

This means that the game will only be experienced with next gen hardware as intended, but it is unfortunate for those wanting to try the game out on PS4, PC, or the Xbox console family.

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State of Play

Fans were surprised to receive a new Returnal release date announcement via Twitter just ahead of PlayStation's massive State of Play event which previews upcoming titles in development.

Returnal PS5 State of Play
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DON'T MISS IT: Returnal could make a big appearance at State of Play

But while the news may have broken outside of State of Play, we do expect to see Returnal make an appearance at the event. It may even steal the show if given the time!

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